Why Does Kitchen Faucet Pulsate?

If you’ve installed a non-branded low-quality faucet in your kitchen, then your suffering will be endless. Water leakage, low water pressure, faulty sprayer, loud noises, or pulsating water can be your regular frenemy. 

These problems get way worse when you don’t know much about plumbing or you just ignored it for a long time. Pulsating water can be an early reminder for Why Does Kitchen Faucet Pulsate, and if you don’t know why then you should probably call for some help from your plumber. 

Why kitchen faucet pulsates?

A kitchen faucet pulsates when there is water surging or leakage or any other reason behind it. Meaning, your tank might have a lack of air inside. When you start filling up your tank there is already air inside it. 

Then the water rises and the air pressure releases. But if there is any defect in any function then the water will face problems to come out of your faucet and make loud noises or pulsate. 

Because when water releases through faucets it needs that air pressure to compress the water outside. This is another reason for low water pressure and loud noise making. 

Reasons behind a pulsating faucet

The reason behind a pulsating water faucet can be many. Here we’ve mentioned the common reasons to enhance your knowledge. 

  1. If the tank is too full

When you fill up your tank more than the capacity it will lack air inside which will disrupt the water flow and the compression will be hampered.

  1. Lack of air compression

Air compression can be a solid reason why your faucet is pulsating. There are reasons why this haphazard situation arises. The pressure gauge might be wrongly installed or fixed, water might be excess, etc. could be the reason for the lack of air compression inside your water tank resulting in a pulsating faucet. 

  1. Surging

Surging in water tanks is a critical problem that may lead to severe damage to your plumbing system and if you do not pay attention to this problem your pipelines can get damaged.

  1. Jammed pipeline 

When water is supplied to your tank it can bring dirt, little particles, debris, iron, etc. all these things gradually start to build if you don’t notice and jam the pipelines all the way out. That eventually causes a kitchen faucet to pulsate. 

  1. Water leakage

If somehow your water pipeline gets damaged and leaked it will cause the water pressure to disrupt and eventually your faucet will start to pulsate and make thumping noises. 

  1. Closing water valve too quickly

Closing any type of valve, like, supply valve, check valve, water valve, etc. too quickly can be a reason for water surging. Which may cause water disruption and eventually a pulsating faucet. Make sure you’re opening or closing your faucet slowly. 

  1. Loose pipe fittings

If the water pipe is loose or not accurately jointed, then the more the water pressure the more it will loosen up. Eventually, the whole thing might collapse. When the pipe fittings get weak it causes the faucet to pulsate. 

  1. Faulty pressure switch 

A faulty pressure switch interrupts the airflow to get inside and push the water down. So when this happens faucet pulsates. 

  1. Faulty washer inside the valve

You’ll find a washer under your sink connecting pieces of p-traps and garbage disposals tubular pipes drained from your sink and connected to the wall. This is slip jointed to the tubular pipe to make the fittings strong and leakage-proof. But when this washer is loose, the water flow will be hampered cause of pulsation in the faucet.

Like these problems, there are many other types of problems causing abnormal water flow and will pulsate and make thumping noises whenever you open your faucet. All of these reasons are responsible for, why does your kitchen faucet pulsate.