Which Is Better Undermount Or Drop In Sink? Pros And Cons

Every kitchen has a kitchen sink. Within all the kitchen sinks there are two common names. One is an under-mount sink and another one is a drop-in sink or top-mount sink.

Which Is Better Undermount Or Drop In Sink?

Both sinks are popular with people.

Though they are good to use, there are some advantages and disadvantages.

By analyzing all these things it can be found out which one is best. Because finding the best kitchen sink in today’s market is not as easy as you would think.

Which Is Better Undermount Or Drop In Sink? Explained!

To know which is better undermount or drop in sink? You have to read the whole article. This article will describe the undermount and drop-in sink with their pros and cons.

Undermount Sinks

Find The Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are installed from underneath the sink. These are attached to the underside of a countertop. There are some special clips. These clips allow the sink to stay in place.

These clips also help the sink to support from underneath by the base cabinet structure.

This type of sink is installed directly under the counter and creates a smooth look from countertop to sink. These sinks are versatile and work in accordance with kitchen designs. It does not only look smooth but also makes for easy clean-up.

There is no lip or rim. As they do not have a rim, no garbage is clinging onto the surface. It is typically installed with glue. This glue helps to attach the underside of the counter and the sink.

Let’s have a look at the pros and the cons

Things we like
  • It easy to clean
  • The seamless transition into the sinks make it easier to clean
  • There is no chance to cling any garbage
  • It is a modern aesthetic kitchen sink
  • It takes up less counter space of the same bowl size than others
Things you do not like
  • Expensive than top mount sinks
  • There are a limited careful design of the mounting system
  • They are very heavy
  • Though the food or other garbage don’t stick on the top of the countertop, garbage can get cling at the inside edge of the sink

Drop-in Sinks

Find The Drop-in Sinks

A Drop-in sink is one of the most common types of sink. It is also known as a top mount sink. They are installed by inserting them into a pre-cut hole in the countertop.

This type of sink has a rim or lip on the surface of the countertop. The rim around the sink supports it. It is caulked with silicone for a water-tight fit.

The most important thing about this sink is it can hold all the materials. It does not matter how heavy the material is it can hold it without getting damaged. This extra support makes the sink best.

When you are cooking food or washing dishes there are a number of ingredients you need to put on the sink. You can keep all the things in the sink without any confusion. Because there is no chance to damage or leak the top mount kitchen sink.

Things we like
  • These sinks are very easy to install
  • They are the most common and well-known sink
  • Easy to find
  • They are available at a lower price
  • Can hold the heavy materials
Things you do not like
  • Because of the lip, it is not easy to clean
  • The rim takes a valuable counter space
  • They sometimes found undesirable and dated


By looking at the two sinks you can understand which is better undermount or drop in sink? Because which one is best depends on your kitchen style and working capability. The budget also plays an important role. You can get a drop-in sink at a lower price where the under-mount sink is more expensive.

Both have advantages and disadvantages as well. We have mentioned all the things very carefully and accurately only for your benefit. So the choice is yours which one is best suitable for you.

Because all family’s kitchen types are not the same and the kitchen sink is varied in accordance with kitchen layouts.

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