What is Kitchen Faucet Cartridge?

If your kitchen faucet is leaking or needs a replacement, then if must need a cartridge change? But wait, do you know what is kitchen faucet cartridge and what it does in a faucet? Then you are in the right place to get all the answers plus we’ll also explain, how you can replace a faulty one. 

What’s a kitchen faucet cartridge?

A cartridge is a replaceable water valve the faucet handles attach to the spline stem on the top and turn the top half of the cartridge. It opens a valve and allows water to flow into the inlet on the bottom and out through the outlets on the sides. 

The water then flows to the spout and into your sink. If you have no idea how a faucet cartridge looks like and where it is placed, then take a faucet into your hand first. Usually, faucets have a spout that comes off when you pull it. Meaning it is the upper cap of the faucet and underneath it, is the cartridge. 

When you’ll take out the spout off you’ll see there are two screws that you can pull out and it can only go back one way. You’ll kind of notice it when you see on the inside of it that it can only go one way. 

So in easy words. If your faucet has hot and cold and it’s just one handle to turn them on that’s a cartridge. 

How to clean a kitchen faucet cartridge?

If your kitchen faucet is leaking or the handle has discontinued turning properly it could be forced by a buildup of residue and hard water deposits in the faucet cartridge. So you need to know how you can clear your cartridge and get your faucet working smoothly again. 

To do this job you’ll need an open-ended wrench or an Allen wrench, screwdriver, plastic bowl, a bucket of clean water, a towel, and an extra pair of hands. 

First, you’ll need to shut off the water supply valves placed under your sink. Then turn on your faucet to drain any leftover water. Place a towel on the sink to block the drain. This will hold any small parts from slipping into it. 

Now it’s time to remove the faucet handle. Faucet handles can differ by the model but they’re typically attached by a screw. If there’s an ornamental cap or button on the handle you’ll want to take that off first, to get to the screw.

If there’s any discussion or other trim remove that as well. Now relieve the cartridge assembly with your wrenching and remove it. All types of cartridge cleaning steps are the same. 

Place the plastic bowl upside down over the tap hole to direct water spray towards the chute. Make sure to turn on the hot water supply while you hold on to the bowl. Let the water run for three or four seconds. This will flash out any debris trapped in the faucet or in the waterline. Repeat the same procedure for the cold water. 

Now clean all the parts of the cartridge in the clean water bucket. Open and close the cartridge by twisting the stem. You may have to place the handle on, for the time being. Now reinsert the cartridge and reassemble the handles. Do not over-tighten the cartridge assembly. Lastly, reopen the water supply and check your faucet.

How to replace your old cartridge?

To do the removing job all the steps that we mentioned earlier while cleaning will be the same. Here you only need to detach the old one and replace it with a new one. 

When you’ve taken off the old cartridge take the new one and insert it into the faucet. Now a few things you want to make note of. The cartridge will have two tabs on the base, they must have to be lined up with the specific holes inside the faucet that will keep the cartridge in place.

When your cartridge is secured inside take your bonnet nut or your cartridge nut and screw it back in. now take your cartridge cover and screw it right back on. Now lastly reverse all the steps to reset your faucet back in again. 

So now you know what kitchen faucet cartridge is and how easily your can clear or replace it on your own if you’re facing any problem.