13 Types of Kitchen Sink (In-depth Detailed Guide)

Are you looking for various types of kitchen sinks?

There are several types of sinks for your kitchen. As a sink is the most important part of your kitchen, you need to get knowledge about different types of kitchen sinks.

Before buying a sink must read the whole article about kitchen sinks. It will make sense to choose the best one. This article is all about 13 types of kitchen sinks.

Let’s have a look!

What is Kitchen Sink?

A kitchen is a crucial place in a house where people spend most of their time preparing and making food. The kitchen sink is an important part of a kitchen. A kitchen sink is used for washing dishes, vegetables, and prepared foods. Not only is a kitchen sink used for preparing food, but also it enhances your kitchen design.

A good kitchen sink can change the outlook of your kitchen. From washing hands to cleaning dishes a good sink plays an important role in your kitchen.

Let’s talk about the types of kitchen sinks!

Following 13 Types Of Kitchen Sink Details

In today’s market, there are several kitchen sinks that can be seen. According to installation types, there are three different types of kitchen sinks. These three sinks are installed in a different ways and they are:

  • Top mount sinks
  • Under-mount sinks
  • Flush mount sinks


Without these three kitchen sinks, there are another 10 best kitchen sinks that can be found in the market.

  • Farmhouse sink
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Bar sink
  • Corner sink
  • Granite composite sink
  • Cast iron sink
  • Kitchen Island Sink
  • Kitchen sink with drainboard
  • Fireclay sink
  • Single bowl sink

Now it’s time to know the trifles of all these sinks

1.Top Mount Sinks

Top mount sinks are also familiar as drop-in sinks.  It is the most common type of kitchen sink all over the world. This type of kitchen sink is installed by intromitting the sink into a pre-cut hole in the countertop.

There is a lip around the sink. The lip around the top mount sink props it on top of the countertop. It is also closed with silicone for a water-tight fit.

The top mount sink is easy to install and you can use almost any material. No matter how heavy the material or instruments it can easily carry everything. These sinks are available in the market at an inexpensive price.

2. Under-mount Sinks

It is easy to guess how an under-mount sink is installed. It is installed directly under the counter. It is attached to the underside of a countertop. There are special clips that ensure that the sink stays in play. And the sink is supported from underneath.

The under-mount sink is versatile and works with most kitchen designs. This sink looks sleek, smooth, and easy to use for clean-up. As there is no lip or rim, the garbage can easily be pushed straight into the sink.

This sink is a little bit more expensive than other sinks. Before buying this sink you need to consider the weight of the sink. Because it is typically installed with glue that attaches to the underside of the sink.

3. Flush Mount Sinks

There are two types of flush-mount kitchen sinks. One sinks surface of the countertop flows seamlessly into the sink and there is nothing visible edges or changes in components. Another one is seen with tiled countertops, here the tiled has easily reached the edge of the sink.

But this type of installation is hard to see and less common.

This type of sink saves space in your kitchen and easy to clean the garbage. If the sink is installed incorrectly, fabricated wrongly, or gets damaged, the replacement will be challenging for you.

4. Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is also known as an apron sink. It can be designed with a single or double bowl. This type of sink can be seen in a traditional or rustic farmhouse. It is popular for the interior design of the farmhouse kitchen. It has nonporous material, for this reason, this type of sink is incredibly durable and easy to clean.

It is perfect to wash lots of dishes and cleaning up. As you have to cut out a large portion of your counter of the sink, this type of sink is difficult to install

5. Stainless Steel Sink

The stainless steel sink is easy to install. It can be categorized in two ways according to sheeting thickness or gauge. A thicker gauge means the sink is heavier and cheaper, and a thinner gauge means the sink is lighter and more expensive.

The stainless steel sink can be marked with a dent and it is a little bit noisier. But the good thing is that it offers great heat and stain resistance.

6. Bar Sink

The bar sink is installed in a home wet bar. It is usually smaller and shallow than other kitchen sinks. It has a single bowl design and is used for drink making and cleanup.

A bar sink is best for entertaining in a home bar.

7. Corner Sink

A corner sink is installed on a corner. It is a double basin sink. The two basins are separated from each other. A corner sink is expensive and difficult to install.

8. Granite Composite Sink

A granite composite sink is made by gluing crushed granite and it has also a resin filler. It is durable and stain-resistant. It also provides a cutting-edge and modern aesthetic to your kitchen. It is heavier than stainless steel sinks.

9. Cast Iron Sink

Cast iron sink is heavier and more durable than other sinks. It is sprayed with a coating. This spray gives the sink a glossy finish.

10. Kitchen Island Sink

Kitchen Island sink save your kitchen space. It becomes popular day by day. It is used as a primary or prep sink. It depends on your needs. It takes an extra cost to install your kitchen island.

11. Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

The kitchen sink with drainboard is practical and friendly. If you like to cook, this sink is best suitable for you. The drainboard of this sink provides a spot to dry dishes and plates.

This kitchen sink helps to save energy by not using your dishwasher.

12. Fireclay Sink

The fireclay sink is constructed from clay and glaze fusing. It is almost identical to cast iron sinks. It is more durable than others. It is also expensive to buy. The ingredients are used for farmhouse-style sinks. It is a great fit for hosting fun events and holidays.

13. Single Bowl Sink

The single bowl sink is suitable for a small kitchen and it takes limited counter space. It is made with stainless steel and installation is under-mounted. But it is not best for multitasking, for instance, cleaning and cooking at the same time.

It is more suitable for a smaller household.


Before you make your final decision on a kitchen sink, carefully look at all the types of kitchen sinks.

Choose your kitchen sink in accordance with the design and style of your kitchen.  When you are going to select your kitchen sink, keep in mind your cooking habits, cleaning needs, kitchen style, counter space, and budget.

Considering all these things select the best one.