Single Vs Double Bowl Kitchen Sink | 5 Simple Difference

The sink is the most important thing in a kitchen but the bowl style is also important. You can choose either a single bowl or a double bowl for your kitchen.

It depends on your work pressure and kitchen décor.

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The single and double bowl has a lot of differences.

Single Vs Double Bowl Kitchen Sink | Which One To Choose?

Single Vs Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

This article will allow you to know about Single vs double bowl kitchen sinks. There are different designs and types of kitchen sink in the single and double bowl kitchen sink. These sinks have the same advantages and also have some disadvantages. Let’s talk about single and double bowl sinks and identify their differences.

Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl sink has one bowl without any dividers. Usually, a single bowl kitchen sink is large in size. You have to wash, rinse, and soak your dishes in the single bowl sink. All the items you need to wash, you have to accommodate with this bowl.

Top 5 Best Single Bowl Sink

Advantages Of Single Bowl Sink

There are lots of advantages to using a single bowl sink. And these are:

  • If the kitchen countertop has limited size then single bowl kitchen sink is best
  • As single bowl sink is roomier, it is easy to wash dishes and pans
  • Easy to place the faucet
  • Less expensive to purchase
  • Easy to install
  • It is easy to maintain than double bowl sink

Disadvantages Of Single Bowl Sink

Besides the advantages, there are some disadvantages too. They are:

  • Cannot divide the conquer
  • Single bowl sink is not disposal friendly

Double Bowl Sink

A double bowl sink can be standard or non-standard. It has two bowls the size of the bowls can be equal or they can be found in different sizes and shapes. A double bowl sink is best for washing large dishes and pots. It does not splash water around the sink.

If the smaller sink is shallower you can wash heavy pots and dishes in the large bowl.

Top 5 Best Double Bowl Sink

Advantages Of Double Bowl Sink

As the double bowl sink has two sides to work it is easy to wash and clean. Let’s know the usefulness of double bowl sink

  • Ideal for washing dishes by hand
  • Can separate dirty dishes from food preparation
  • Garbage disposal is friendly
  • Versatile use
  • Can free the counter space

Disadvantages Of Double Bowl Sink

Though double bowl sink is easy to wash large items it has some demerits besides the merits.

  • Installation is not easy
  • It is expensive for purchase
  • Harder to fit in a smaller kitchen

Single Bowl Vs Double Bowl Sink: The Main Difference

Now it’s time to figure out the difference between a single bowl and a double bowl kitchen sink. Both have their positive and negative attributes.

By considering all the things you can choose the suitable one for your kitchen. Let’s find out the difference between single and double bowl sinks.

Configuration And Use

A single bowl sink can take up a relatively small space. For a small kitchen, a single bowl sink is best fitted. It can easily be installed in a small space kitchen.

On the other hand, the double bowl sink needs more space to install. It has two separate bowls and cannot be installed in a small space kitchen.

Saving Counter Space

If you want to use every inch of your counter space then a double bowl sink is appropriate for you. The double bowl sink provides the option of placing a drying rack in the sink. so you do not need to use counter space for placing the drying rack. You can wash dishes in one bowl and can dry them in another bowl.

On the other hand, you can place the drying rack in a single bowl sink, but your bowl space will be smaller. You may face problems washing dishes in those cases.


A single bowl sink has one drain so the installation is faster, easier, and cheaper.

On the other hand, the double bowl sink has two drains so the installation is hard and expensive.


Cost mainly determines in accordance with the size and materials. But double bowl sinks are typically more expensive than single bowl sinks.

Water And Detergent Use

If you use the whole sink, single and double bowl sinks use approximately the same amount of water. But if you use half in a double bowl sink for washing, it costs less water than a single bowl sink.


In this article, we have mentioned the definition and pros and cons of single and double bowl sinks. We have also focused on Single vs double bowl kitchen sinks.

Single and double sinks have a number of differences, we have identified all the things by analyzing and researching them. Now you will be able to identify which sink is perfect for your kitchen and which will be easy to use.

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