Amazon Prime Day 2020: the best deals live now!!!

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is just days away, but while the official October 13 date is just around the corner, we’re already seeing plenty of early Prime Day deals hitting the shelves. We’re keeping this page fresh with all the latest offers as soon as they land, so stay in touch for the best savings. 

We’re expecting an onslaught of deals when Amazon Prime Day does roll around, however with such excellent early discounts, you’ll want to keep your eye on those numbers over the next 48 hours as well. This year’s Prime Day deals are expected to hit laptops, TVs, headphones, and a range of Echo devices as well. 

The best deals will, however, be reserved for Amazon Prime members. If you’re not already signed up, you can pick up a 30 day free trial right now. That means you’re covered for Amazon Prime Day itself and you’ve got a good few weeks of speedy delivery as well.

However, in a bid to destroy our weekend, Amazon is already putting a number of deals live now – so make our deals-hunting sacrifice worthwhile and bookmark this page, because we’ll be bringing you all the important discounts as they come in. 

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019, Sales, Offers And Discounts

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Whether you want a new full HD TV, an upgrade on household appliances, hair straighteners or gaming consoles; Amazon Prime Day will have what you are seeking for. It is similar to a big Black Friday event deals just that it lands earlier in the year.

However, you still need to shop smart and don’t buy a lot of unnecessary items just because they are selling it at a low price. Today we are going to aid you in getting the best deals on sale for Prime Day and adding them to this list.

What Are The Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 UK Deals

The deals that are stated here are not live yet. However, these are the upcoming UK deals for Amazon Prime. We will probably start listening on Amazon’s devices and services in the week going right up to Prime Day, and there will be a list of rush deals going straight to Amazon Prime Day.

To get you to see what we have got the previous year there were massive discounts on mobile phones and electronics like gaming consoles and tablets, as well as 4K TVs, and much more.

Amazon Prime Day Deals Discounts

Amazon has a lot of devices now, so if you want to grab any of the items below, you can start saving money to get them on Prime Day. All current discounts are already set below, but the prices will go right up in a week or two, and go straight down for Prime day, so if you want to buy now and take advantage of the discounts, you need to do it now.

Amazon Smart Plug

I have bought the Amazon Smart Plug for several days, and I have started using it. I am certain that this is the best hardware that I have bought on Amazon that has even been created.

I have bought many smart plugs before, and I have a large amount of them at home, ranging from Insteon caps to iHome plugs. They are high in transforming simple devices into smart ones to switch on and off immediately by using the power button. They work because they are rather simple, and it is great to have something that you can use that has multiple uses rather than getting something that can only be used for a single item.

Setting up plugs might be complicated at times. Some caps are tougher to set up, while others work well with easy installation, but the one I set up was easy to do, and it is still working well until now.

Kindle Paperwhite

For the past several days, I have bought a new Kindle Paperwhite, and I have been reading on it while listening to audiobooks using Audible. It is not a mostly sized reading tablet, and it is smaller than the original version. I can read it with one hand, and it is easy to carry in my handbag – I feel no weight at all.

When I made a comparison to the latest Paperwhite, the font was a little different, but not to a point where it became a distraction.

One of the significant differences between the new Kindle and the latest Paperwhite is that it has four front LEDs, not five. If you squint hard enough, they are at the bottom of the display of the reading tablet. Amazon uses a “light guide” to distribute light evenly over the display surface.

It doesn’t look bad at all! It is less bright than my old Paperwhite that was bought in 2017, and I usually use it for nighttime reading, I set the brightness to dim, and the LEDs don’t affect me. Amazon says the front light is also easier on the user’s eyes in dark areas.

Fire HD 8 Tablet

It was just the other day when I recommended the Fire HD 8 Tablet to someone I knew who was hunting for an electronic tablet. It is the 8th Gen Fire Tablets, and it is still very affordable and functions great, but it is not fun to use. 

The new Fire HD 8 looks pretty much the same as last year’s model and the 2016 model that was its previous model. It has a small screen and very small so you can put in your handbag, which you can buy in all three different colors and black. Amazon also put a tiny lip around the screen edge so that you can prevent the screen from cracking or scratching once it is dropped. Like previous models, the screen still has the issue of the messy fingerprints, but otherwise, it is good.

Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the best full-size tablet made by Amazon in the year 2017, and it doesn’t cost a bomb. Sure, it is no news that the demand for tablets is declining. People don’t change their tablets every few years like they change their mobile phone every year.

While Apple and Microsoft have tried to conjure new tablets with new functions as fast as possible like conjuring magic like Harry Potter, Amazon, on the other hand, dropped their prices on the tablets during promotional sales period – Inducing more people to buy their pills before the stock gets outdated.

Fire 7 Kids Edition

The risks of giving your kid a chance to play with your new tablet will range from dirty screen to cracked screen – which meant your kids dropped it. So getting a kid’s version of a tablet is the best solution. This Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is the best solution for every parent’s nightmare. If your kid smashes the iPad screen, it is a nightmare, but if they drop this tablet, it is still not that bad. This tablet is a smaller version compared to 2018 version, which gives your child access to curated content along with a two-year warranty so that you can get a new one if your kid keeps cracking the device. However, confusing controls, along with Wi-Fi issues, would make it a good tablet. Blink Indoor Camera System

Blink has created its home security camera in 2016 that has the indoor and outdoor version. While the cameras have lots of unique features and free data storage with wireless design, these cameras are still lacking a few aspects that ought to be there.

For instance, their indoor camera is missing night vision, plus the fact the data can only store up to two hours of footage. That is not enough to cover one entire night, especially if you out for travel for several days.

However, if you only need video surveillance, this model performs perfectly, so it is still great for underlying home security. It is also affordable. There will be discounts for this model on Amazon during Amazon Prime Day.

Are Amazon Prime Accounts Worth It?

As well as getting a next day delivery for free, you will also get access to lots of extra services that Amazon can give, including Amazon Prime Video streaming services. You can also gain storage for an unlimited number of photos and borrow lots of ebooks. If you live in London or the USA, you will gain access to Amazon Prime Now, which means you will get a one-hour delivery service on lots of goodies. You can also subscribe and sign up for Amazon Family, meaning 20 percent off diapers, if you have babies at home.

Then we have the main topic for today, Amazon Prim Day with 100,000 days worldwide when the clock starts to tick.

A new option for Prime members that live in the US is that they get an Amazon Day. That is a day when they choose what they want to buy, and get all the orders delivered all on the same day.

How Do I Get A Free Amazon Prime Account?

If you are new to this deal, there is a one-month trial account. If you are a student you can get six months free, so you will be able to get some stuff and get back to college with a bunch of new toys.

Check out Best Amazon Prime Day Deals page today to get new discounts and deals!