Overmount Vs Undermount Sink: Which Is Better?

Choosing a sink is the most difficult task.

If you fail to choose a good and perfect sink for your kitchen you will have to suffer a lot.

Before rebuilding or making your countertop, you may confuse what type of sink you should use in between the overmount sink and undermount sink.

These two sinks are completely installed in different ways. They both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Overmount Vs Undermount Sink | Comparison | Advantages/Disadvantages

Overmount Vs Undermount Sink, Is undermount sink better than overmount? You will get the answer after reading this article.

Best stainless steel farmhouse sinks have both under-mount and over-mount. If you determined that you are going to buy the best farmhouse sink, then you need to decide whether you are looking for a difference between overmount vs undermount sink.

You have to consider the size, depth, dividers, and materials of the sink as well.

Here is a quick run-down of under and overmount sinks along with their advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s know which one is better!

Undermount Sink

The undermount sink name explains the installation method of this sink. This sink is installed under the counter. This is a new kind of sink that has become popular with the use of the counter.

Instead of being placed on the top, the sink is installed under the counter. By using glue, this sink is attached to the countertop. Three types of installation can be seen in the undermount sink.

They are positive reveal, negative reveal, and flush. You can choose any kind of installation for your kitchen. 

There are so many advantages to an undermount sink. Though it has lots of advantages some disadvantages can be seen also. 


  • This sink creates attractive and clean lines in your kitchen
  • You will get extra counter space
  • Easy to swab food and other dirty kinds of stuff into the sink
  • The bowl of this sink is deeper. Large pots and dishes are easy to clean in this sink
  • As the under-mount sink is installed underneath no rim can be seen on the countertop
  • The under-mount sink is attached with the countertop through a strong glue
  • This sink is long-lasting and durable


  • Under-mount sinks are more expensive than other regular sinks
  • If it is not sealed perfectly, water can get into the gap between the counter and the sink

Overmount Sink

Overmount sink is also known as top-mount or drop-in sink. This sink is the traditional type of sink and gives your kitchen a unique and traditional look. The edges of the sink are visible and placed on the countertop.

Overmount sink has a lip or rim that sits on the countertop and covers a small area. As the over-mount sink is not installed from underneath, the weight of this sink is supported by the countertop. 

Like the undermount sink, the overmount sink also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s know that!


  • Over-mount sinks are easy to install
  • This type of sinks are more affordable
  • Over-mount sinks are appropriate for the countertop which are not solid and need protection
  • It is not limited in size by the walls of your kitchen cabinet
  • If the countertop made with soft material, over-mount sink gives protection


  • The lip on the countertop creates an interruption in cleaning
  • With an overmount sink, some foods can get stuck into the underneath. 

Difference Between Overmount Vs Undermount Sink

Is under-mount sink better than an overmount sink?

This is really tough to identify. Because both types of sinks have different benefits. While undermount sink looks more classy and attractive than overmount sink, the over-mount sink can be more long-lasting for certain countertop materials for example wood.

People love undermount sink because of their smooth look and the way it complements the stone and solid surface countertops. 

The under-mount sink is not perfect for counters that do not watertight like wood. Some countertops materials may not be strong enough to support the weight of the sink.

Before buying an under-mount sink, you need to make sure that your countertop is suitable for this type of sink.

On the other hand, the over-mount sink is appropriate for any kind of countertops material. As the rim covers the countertop edge, it prevents the sink and makes it stronger.


Hope! Now you have got the difference between overmount vs undermount sink? Which type of sink fits in your kitchen, depends on the material of your countertops and the layout of your kitchen. Whether an under-mount sink or overmount sink is right for you, also depends on your budget, desires, and preferences.

Now you can make sense that which sink style is better for you.

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