Kohler K-6427 Kitchen Sink Review: Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

Who does not want to complement the decor of their kitchen!  Yes, everyone wants it! To complement your kitchen decor we are here with Kohler K-6427 Kitchen Sink Review. This sink is a true king for any kind of kitchen decor. It is surprisingly capable to take your kitchen to a better state.

Kohler K-6427 Kitchen Sink Review – Whitehaven Farmhouse Double-bowl Kitchen Sink

Kohler K-6427 Kitchen Sink Review or Kohler K-6427 Whitehaven  Double-bowl Kitchen Sink

In modern era kitchen uses not only for cooking and washing dishes, but also for making fun, gossiping, and drinking coffee. To make the environment and the place attracts a kitchen sink plays a very important role. If your sink crates noise it will disturb you in your work and other activities.

So you need to choose a sink which will give you comfort. Thinking about your compatibility we came with Kohler farmhouse sink 35-inch stainless steel. Read the whole article to know about this sink.

Kohler K-6427 Whitehaven Kitchen Sink

A kitchen is a crucial part and the heart of your home. With a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations there is a Kohler sink for your kitchen, which provides your kitchen an aesthetic design. No other kitchen sink can give you the advantages than a Kohler stainless steel sink.

Have a look at the Kohler K-6427 Kitchen Sink Review!


The material of the sink is enameled cast iron. The manufacturing company believes that the environment is the most important for us we have to save our environment.

Kohler farmhouse sinks 36 stainless steel material has fully recycled the extravagance. This sink also defines how fast we are using technology. To make this outstanding material, almost 80 or recycled materials being used.


If you want to clean your countertop with a single wipe, under-mount installation is best for you. The under-mount sink looks much better in the kitchen.

It completely changes the outlook of the kitchen and gives a modern look. It can take some time to install, but after installation, it will be the best sink in your kitchen.


  • Kohler Whitehaven farmhouse sink fits minimum 36-inch apron sink base cabinet
  • As it has the standard 36-inch base cabinet, this base cabinet makes the installation process easy. And it sits easily in any kind of countertop
  • It has available both large and medium bowls and it is easy to use the sink comfortably in accordance with the need
  • The depth of the sink bowl is the 9-inch depth that gives more space to wash dishes and pans
  • For easy installation and beautiful result, the self-trimming apron covers the cabinet face
  • Kohler stainless steel farmhouse sink has no faucet hole which makes the installation easier
  • The ratio of the basin is 60/40
  • The overall dimension of the Kohler double bowl kitchen sink is 35.7 x 21.6 x 9.6 inches. This dimension enrich more workspace and versatility
  • The basin is a shield and for this, it clears the water to the drain
  • The way it is installed it makes the cleaning process easy
  • The enameled cast-iron makes the sink excellent in look and it protects from cracking and chipping
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty


  • Model number- K-6427-7
  • Product dimensions- 4o.8 x 25.4 x 12.4 inches
  • Weight- 152 pounds
  • Size- 36
  • Color- Black
  • Style- no-rimming
  • Material- cast iron
  • Installation method- farmhouse apron front
  • Package quantity- 1
  • Shape- rectangular
  • Sink finish- basalt
  • Number of bowls- 2
  • Bowl types- large and medium
What We Liked
  • The materials of this sink are excellent and it is long-lasting
  • This material is recycled from other materials
  • Kohler double bowl farmhouse sink is not going to chip, burn or crack easily
  • The finish of the sink is rust and dent resistant
  • The sink can take massive heat. Usually, it is harmful to the sink but this sink can take 1000 degrees Fahrenheit without any harm
  • Easy to clean and wash large dishes
  • To maintain it you do not need to give much effort
  • As it is double bowl sink, you can use it in according your comfort
What We Didn't Like
  • This sink is very expensive than others
  • After using the sink for a long time, some scratches can be seen


Kohler K-6427 Kitchen Sink Review gave you the A-Z information. This knowledge will help you to buy, install, and use the sink. You will definitely fall in love with this sink if you install it in your kitchen. It is a part of your kitchen that will make you happy.

 It is one of the best stainless steel farmhouse sinks. You already knew it by looking at the review of this sink. The style and the design of the sink never disappoint its customers. You can work smoothly with the sink. Choose Kohler stainless steel farmhouse sink and make your life easy and simple.