Kitchen Sink Strainer Types Including Pros And Cons

Debris is the antagonist of a kitchen sink that creates trouble for the sink drain.

To clarify this problem, you need to install a durable and functional kitchen sink strainer.

The strainer enables water to flow through the drain and prevents larger solid items from creating clogs and damage.

The 6 Kitchen Sink Strainer Types Including Pros/Cons

Different Kitchen Sink Strainer Types With Pros Cons

To prevent clogging install any of the kitchen sink strainers. These 6 types of strainers are effective to prevent clogging of your kitchen sink drain.

  1. Back Nut Strainer
  2. Double Cup Strainer
  3. Flange Strainer
  4. Level Strainer
  5. Stopper Strainer
  6. Drain Strainer

The 6 Kitchen Sink Strainer Types can be seen in today’s market. You should choose according to your needs and wants. 

Back Nut Strainer

A back nut strainer comes with a back nut on its upper part. You can easily adjust this type of strainer with a sink.

The nut of the back nut strainer is very convenient for the sink drainage system because you can turn it as you need. Some odd debris jammed in the strainer and for that reason, water could not complete its movement accurately.

Therefore, if you rotate the back nut of the strainer jammed debris will move out from the strainer. A rubber gasket holds the strainer securely to prevent the drainage of water, and the back nut holds the unit together.


  • It is very easy to take off and take on
  • Installation is quite simple and easy
  • For convenient use, a nut is adjusted with the strainer
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Suitable for saving water not debris

Double Cup Strainer

The double cup strainer has multiple numbers of rubber and steel rings and this feature makes this strainer special for your kitchen sink.

This strainer comes with two durable and sturdy strainer cups, and it has a back nut filter too.

One of the cups sits securely in the sink, while the other one is removed and inserted as necessary to fill and drain the sink with water.

Usually, this type of sink strainer is designed to protect the sink drainage system clear and debris free. It is made of stainless steel and this material makes the product sturdy and durable.

The whole strainer is adjusted as a fixed-post basket, flange, and slip joint nut. You do not need to call any plumber to install the strainer because it is more than easy to install. 


  • The installation process is more than easier for beginners
  • Comes with lots of durable parts
  • Rust and dent resistance


  • No disadvantage can be seen 

Flange Strainer

The flange strainer has a flange to secure it to the bottom of the sink. A flange is a type of rim that is used as a strengthening attachment in a plumbing system to keep parts secure. The best sink strainer comes with amazing features.

As it has lots of amazing features, this type of strainer has huge demands on the online and shopping platform.

This strainer works as a removable, filter, stop water; a back nut that means it is an all-in-one sink strainer. Usually, the color of this type of strainer is matte blacks.

You can rotate the strainer back nut filter at a 120-degree angle that means it is very convenient to use. You can stop water with this strainer because it has an undercover rubber rim.

If you want to stop water, all you want to do is press the nut that’s all and it will stick to the drainage system. 


  • Rotating power is outstanding
  • It has huge demands in today’s market
  • Overall, it is an all in one sink strainer


  • It is a bit expensive strainer than any other types of strainers

Level Strainer

A level strainer is an ordinary strainer and it does not come with any particular machine system or other rubber technology. This type of strainer has a durable net for protecting the sink from solid and small debris.

This strainer does not have any nuts either. To stop the water some of the strainers have an extra rim. It works great to reduce clogged drain. It sits over the sink and is used when the sink is full to prevent drainage.


  • Price is not expensive
  • Extra rubber rims enable
  • Durable net and body


  • A little bit of ordinary sink strainer

Stopper Strainer

Most people like to use a stopper strainer instead of a flange strainer. Though both of them work the same, the price is different. The stopper strainer has a rubber rim in the below position for covering the sink drain.

This feature allows stopping water in the middle of the sink. Ultra-durable and adjustable stainless steel bodies make the product durable and long-lasting. It makes the product rust-resistant. 


  • Comfier to install and take off
  • Price is affordable
  • Best strainer for store water in the sink


  • It does not have any functional filter

Drain Strainer

The drain strainer is a strainer that protects the sink drain from solid debris or cloggy. It is more functional than the stopper and level strainer.

It does not support any harmful object in it. It can prevent small to smaller debris effortlessly as the hole of this strainer is very tiny. 


  • Incredible for protecting the sink drain
  • Easy to install
  • Functional strainer than others


  • The price is a bit average

Final Verdict

Choose any one of the 6 kitchen sink strainer types and make your kitchen task easier and simpler. You do not need to call any plumber to install them because all of the strainers are easy to install and they last for a long time.