Kitchen Sink Clogged Past Trap | How To Fix Your Clogged Sink

Getting a kitchen sink clogged is a natural occurrence. A kitchen sink can get clogged for so many reasons.

For this, you should be a bit careful when you use your sink.

This article is going to explain the reason behind blocking a sink is and how to get rid of this problem. Keep reading the article about the kitchen sink clogged past trap.

Kitchen Sink Clogged Past Trap – How To Fix It?

The most common noticeable thing is if you see your sink drains water becomes slower than before. If the drain water becomes slower, it means that your pipes are not blocked completely. A small blockage happens and it will be bigger after a couple of times.

do you know how to fixed kitchen sink clogged past trap? here is details

How Do You Know Your Sink Is Clogged Or Not?

If the water does not move and stand in a particular place, it means your sink’s drain is completely clogged. This type of problem usually happens from food leftovers. If one part of food is stuck in a pipe and if it does not wash away then gradually it creates a clog. 

Another sign is, a portion of leftover food can float around in standing water, or an unpleasant smell can come from your kitchen sink when your sink is blocked. 

How To Prevent Clogging

The best answer to this question is, ‘be careful before putting anything into your sink drain’. But this is not enough, you have to do a lot more. Every food can be stuck into the pipe, but some troublesome foods have more chances to stick into the pipe. 

Coffee grounds– as coffee grounds stay solid; it tends to get stuck

Grease– grease can easily collect more food and can create a clog 

Meat– if your meat has a lot of greases, it can be stuck into the sink pipe and make a block

Cheese– this thing speedily create a clog

Hair– Tt is not food, but if you notice, most of the washroom drain becomes clogged because of hair. So there is a high chance that your sink pipe gets clogged because of hair

How To Avoid Stuck Food

As you have to use your sink regularly, you can follow some processes to get rid of this problem. if garbage does not stick into the pipe your sink will not be clogged. You should avoid a few things going into your drain and these are:

  • Collect the garbage and put them in a can after that through them into a garbage can
  • You can use a drain gate to stop unwanted particles from going down the drain. 
  • After each use of your sink, pour boiling water into the drain. If you pour boiling water, the garbage that has stuck into it will immediately go away. This is an awesome method for protecting your sink

How To Fix A Clogged Sink

If your sink becomes clogged, you have to follow a few steps to get rid of this problem. follow all the steps and fix your clogged sink

  • Through a handful of baking soda in the drain of your sink. Leave the soda for a couple of minutes and wash it down with boiling water. 
  • Put white vinegar into it and keep it for 30 minutes. Pour hot water in the pipes to make sure that everything is clean
  • Now mix white vinegar and baking soda and put the mixture into the drain. Pour boiling water over it a couple of times to make sure that all the garbage go away
  • Use a plunger and place the lips of it around the sink. Push the plunger up and down about ten times and you will hear when the clog is stuck out
  • Unscrew the p-trap and find out the blockage in it. When you do that just make sure water can spread all over. If you do not get any clog in it, then it is probably past the trap. After that, you will need some ingredients to get it out
  • Use a plumber snake or drain auger and pull the clog out o the pipes or to push it down
  • Lastly, you can use drain cleaner for your kitchen sink


If your kitchen sink clogged past trap, follow all the steps one by one and solve your problem by yourself. If you can apply all the steps, you need no one to fix the sink drain.

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