Is Stainless Steel Sink Out Of Style | Sink Trends 2022

The reason commercial kitchens use stainless steel is that stainless steel will never chip, or it will never fade, it will never crack, or it will never rust for sure. So you must make sure you are buying a good quality stainless steel sink something like an 18 or a 16 gauge 304 stainless. So if you are thinking of is stainless steel sink out of style then we would say no. Because they are still most people’s favorite sinks. 

A good quality stainless steel has high nickel content. Something that is going to have a little bit of a luster. The thing about stainless steel though is it is not scratchproof or water spot resistant. So you have to be sure to take good care of your stainless steel. And most people don’t mind doing that. So that’s why stainless steel sinks are still in trend and coming with a more modern approach. 

If you want to learn more about the other kind of sinks like farmhouse sinks, drop-in sinks, under-mount sinks, recent kitchen sink trends, the plumbing technique of double kitchen sink, etc then you give this article a full read. 

Is Stainless Steel Sink Out Of Style? Answered!

Stainless steel sinks are made of 16 or 18 gauge 304 steel combined with high nickel which makes it a super shiny and sleek-looking surface. Like any other high-end sink faucet, they are constantly upgrading their design, look, and style to compete in the market. Which makes them still customers’ number one choice when remodeling or building a new kitchen. 


When it comes to an affordable kitchen sink people always tend to lean toward the stainless steel sinks because they come in many price ranges. And you can purchase one in any price range. Which makes them affordable and budget-friendly. So that’s why they are still selling a large amount of stainless steel sinks each year. 


When you are using a metal kitchen sink the main concern has to be the rust. Because kitchen sinks go through regular use in every household. Meaning the sink is exposed to water all the time. So rusting happens faster. But when it comes to stainless steel sinks they are made of nickel which makes them rustproof and strong. Also making the sink long-lasting and shiny. 


Stainless steel sinks are constantly in customization which means manufacturers are adding new features to these sinks which gives them a highly modern approach. In newer sinks, you will find many additional accessories. They come with a cutting board, rinsing calendar, scratch grid, decorative basket strainers, foldable drying rack, etc. that’s why you will see that workstation sinks are made of mostly stainless steel with a prep station. 


Without any shadow of a doubt, stainless steel sinks last longer than any other kind of sink on the market. You can use these sinks for years without any chipping or rusting or damage. But you have to be careful while using them because they tend to get watermarks and scratch very easily. Other than that these sinks are perfect for any household kitchen.

Is Farmhouse Sinks Out Of Style?

Yes, it is. They have 5 exceptional advantages that you can get from this kitchen appliance. No matter how old the farmhouse trend has become they are making a comeback in the kitchen for their classy look and easy usability. Thanks to their timeless design.

  • They have been perfect for any kitchen remodel or design project for years 
  • They are great for spaces with limited storage and minimal counter space
  • They take less effort to clean and dry 
  • Wide and deep basins are typical features of farmhouse sinks; so for individuals who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this is an excellent alternative
  • The look of a farmhouse sink is one of its greatest benefits. That’s perhaps the biggest reason it’s become so popular in the world of interior design and still is

Are Drop-in Sinks Out Of Style?

Whether you are looking to upgrade or build a new bathroom or kitchen or laundry room one question remains paramount. Should you install an under-mount sink or a drop-in model? Which will be the most modern approach? Are drop-in sinks still in style? 

Such questions can only be answered if you do thorough research on the current market. When it comes to drop-in sinks, they were hugely popular during the ’90s and the 2000s. But now people are more into convenience and easy configurations. 

The demand for a sink depends mostly on the advantages of using it and its functionality. The Drop-in sink sits on top of the countertop where an under-mount sink is mounted seamlessly under the sink. 

The visible tip of a drop-in sink runs the length of its perimeter. They take less space on the countertop so if you are having a space shortage these sinks will fit perfectly. They are easy to install. But the lip of this sink can be a bit hard to clean as you need to scrape off the sides. 

So with any kind of sink, you will find some advantages and some disadvantages. That’s why people still prefer both drop-in and undermount sinks overall. 

Are Under-mount Sinks Still Popular?  

Under-mount sinks have many more positive aspects than any other kind which makes them popular even now. They look great when installed under the countertop and also the installation process is much easier to do with the right tools. The facts that make under-mount sinks still popular are

  • They are very easy to clean and you can just wipe off the countertop without any leap and straight into the sink
  • They give a great outlook after being installed on your countertop 
  • They come in many sizes and styles and design
  • Under-mount sinks work best with stone, quartz, and solid surfaces
  • They give your kitchen a much more modern look 
  • They are much more streamlined, versatile, valuable, and easier to maintain 

Trends In Kitchen Sinks

When it comes to shopping for a new kitchen sink most people prefer to go with the recent trendy ones. That’s why you need to have a clear idea of what you want your kitchen sink to look like and gather information on the recent kitchen sink trends so you don’t miss out on the opportunity. 

Tends Description 
Apron front texture sinksWe all know the classic looking apron front kitchen sinks that are an absolute favorite for tight space kitchens. But the newer version comes with endless color co-ordinations and has texture on the surface. They are more gorgeous looking and modern looking. 
Farmhouse kitchen sinksThese sinks are perfect for smaller kitchen countertops and have more working ground as they are deep enough to work properly. They come in many materials like fireclay, porcelain, stainless steel, etc. 
Workstation sinks These sinks are one the most talked-about innovations for any kitchen. They come with not only the sink but also with prep station. This means these sinks come with additional pieces like a cutting board, scratchpad, calendar, basket strainer, dry rack, etc.
Canvas sinksThese sinks are customized according to the customer’s choice of color, texture, design, and material. You can add artworks like abstract or linear designs on these sinks. 
Integrated sinksThese sinks are customized according to the materials of your surrounding like the countertop to match the overall decor of your entire kitchen. They are made by curving huge blocks of solid materials like stone, granite, or quartz. 

Can You Undermount A Drop In Sink?

The answer to this question is yes but there are some facts that you need to consider before turning your drop-in into an under-mount sink. 

Type Of Countertop

The first thing that matters the most when you want to turn your drop-in into an under-mount sink is. What kind of countertop do you have? Is it a stone or quartz countertop or tile countertop?

If you have a stone countertop and a drop-in sink then the chances are pretty good that you can turn it into an under-mount. Because all you need is to take out the drop-in and cut the countertop and polish the edges to under-mount the sink. 

But if you have a tile countertop then it’s very difficult to do anything with it because the chances are your tilting will break or crack if you want to cut it. 

Base Cabinet Size

Another thing that needs to be considered is the width of your base cabinet and its size. If you have a 36-inch base cabinet then it can fit a 33-inch sink inside. But don’t go more than that. Because you need to make sure you have room for the hardware mounting inside. 

Faucet Placement

You also need to think about where you are going to mount your sink faucet. Because most drop-in sinks have the faucet holes drilled through the sink. Most under-mount sinks do not. They rely on putting holes in the countertop for the faucet. 

6 Easy Steps To Know How To Install Double Kitchen Sink Plumbing 

Before getting started we recommend placing an old towel and a bucket under the P-trap. This will catch any water within the trap. Now follow the steps to uninstall the old plumbing and install the new one:

Step 1

Loosen off all the threaded connections to remove the drainage. You might need to cut the drain line where it enters the base of the cabinet and reconnect the new drainage system. You’ll see that once removed the threads are severely damaged. 

Step 2

Connect the tailpiece by first installing the plastic washer into the tailpiece with the wider side up facing the bottom of the sink. Do not overtighten as you can easily damage the plastic washer. Now it’s time to connect the two basins. 

Step 3

Start by installing half-inch adapters onto the tailpieces. When adding the fittings to the tarp adapters do not extend the tailpiece into the bottom of the fitting. This will restrict the drainage and restrict backups. Cutting the ABS or PVC can be done with a plastic handsaw, hacksaw, or plastic tubing cutters. Make sure the cut is accurate and straight.

Step 4

If you are using ABS tubing then you should use ABS sealant. Apply a thin even coating to any part of the firing and tubing which make contact with each other. Push together and turn slightly to ensure complete coverage. If your drain connection is on the left, then the connection will also run to the left side.

Step 5

You have to connect your right basin within ninety and left with a T. Make them roughly the same height. This will gain the correct quarter-inch per foot slope by rising the right trap adapter or lowering the left one. Make sure the dishwasher fitting is flowing towards the drain and facing upwards. 

Step 6

If you do not have a dishwasher connect the T-Y in the ninety together using a straight piece of tubing. The correct slope for each drainage is a quarter-inch per foot. To finish the drainage connect the p-trap from the bottom of the T-Y and directly into the drain. 

Final Verdict

With all that discussion about the kitchen sinks and the recent trends you now know Is Stainless Steel Sink Out Of Style or not. Because they are. So if you are also conflicted to choose a budget-friendly kitchen sink you can go with a stainless one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Sink Style?

Workstation kitchen sinks are revolutionizing the sink industry with lots of additional features added to them. People are currently loving these stackable sinks which allow you to have everything in one place.

The reason behind these sinks is, that open up more counter space which means less clean time and less prep. So these sinks are on the rise in popularity.

What Kind Of Sinks Are In Style?

Apron front sinks come with classic styles that go well with both traditional and modern kitchens which makes it aesthetic. They come in many designs, styles, shapes, and ranges. 

Are Our Stainless Steel Sinks Worth It?

Stainless steel sinks were always the trendy and first choice for any kitchen and still are. You can install them however you want. They come in single, double, and even triple bowls. Their easy-going features make them classy and trendy at the same time. So yes, stainless steel sinks are worth your investment in every way.

Are Top Mount And Drop-in Sinks The Same?

Yes! Top mount is another name for drop-in sinks.

What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Sink Style?

Stainless steel double bowl kitchen sinks are always in popularity because of their easy to use and clean nature and they are very much affordable. They are so multifunctional that you can wash your dishes in one bowl and dry them in the other one.

Do You Need Special Plumbing For A Double Sink?

Yes! For a double sink, you need two tailpipes attached to the basket strainers. To connect the two sinks start by installing one and a half inch trap adapters onto the tailpipes.  Now connect the right sink with a ninety and the leafy sink with a T-Y.

You have to gain the correct quarter-inch per foot slope by raising the right trap adapter and lowering the left one. And the rest will be the same.

Do Double Sinks Require Two Traps?

It is absolutely fine to install two traps in double bowl sinks; one for the sinks and the other on the floor. But if you can size the weir correctly then it will work fine if the P trap is not double trapped.

How Do You Connect Pipes Under The Kitchen Sink?

To connect the plumbing pipes under the sink you need to measure every slope and every inch of every fitting to align the correct way. If you need to cut the pipe using a sharp cutter to get crisp edges. 

Also, make sure you are using ABS sealant for ABS pipes and PVC sealant for PVC pipes. Also, remember to push and turn when you are inserting one pipe into another for a tight joint. 

How Do You Hook Up A Double Sink Water Line?

To hook up a double sink water line you need to find the hot and cold water line first under your sink. Then connect them correspondingly to the hot and cold water pipes. It is very easy to thread the water lines onto the water pipes and use a channel lock to tighten the connections up.