5 Easy Steps To Install Undermount Sink Without Clips

Do not you have clips or mounting hardware to secure your sink?

Are you afraid of installing a sink without clips?

Do not worry!

It is possible to install undermount sink without clips or mounting hardware. When you are missing the clips to install your sink, you can avoid drilling the hardware mounting holes in your granite.

In that case, you can use silicone adhesive and epoxy to install the sink on your kitchen countertop.

Install Undermount Sink Without Clips | 5 Simple Steps

We are going to explain how to install undermount sink without clips, these methods will also be applicable for a drop-in sink. 

  1. Preparation
  2. Silicone Adhesive
  3. Installation
  4. Cleaning
  5. Epoxy

Let’s discuss step-by-step details!!!


Before you install a sink on your kitchen countertop, you need to take preparation.  First, you need to clean both the countertop surface and the sink surfaces.

Wipe the surfaces with a clean rag and remove all the dirt, grease, and grime that could obstruct the process of the installation.

If you use acetone, It will help you to remove all the dirt from the surfaces.

You only need to follow all the instructions that are included on the acetone bottle when you use it with a clean rag on the surfaces of your sink and kitchen countertop. After applying the acetone, let it dry for a few minutes. 

Silicone Adhesive

Several adhesives are available on the market that is used for kitchen sink installation. The material of an adhesive is used to seal around the sink after installation. It is usually used around the contact surface of the sink.

A sink has a contact surface that allows the countertop to make a connection.

For an undermount sink, the contact surface is around the 1-inch lip on the same side as the sink opening. With the help of the adhesive, it adjusts with the countertop.

On the other hand, you need to apply the adhesive to the underside of the perimeter of the sink opposite the sink openings. When you purchase an adhesive, you have to get the best glue so that your sink adjusts with the countertop perfectly for a long time.


If you want to install an undermount sink, you need to install it to the bottom of the countertop.

First, you need to place the sink on the countertop then lift the sink until it makes contact with the downside of the countertop. Look how many drain openings you have and then place one or two bar clamps and a cross brace.

Install Undermount Sink Without Clips | 5 Simple Ways
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One end of the bar clamp grabs the bottom of the sink, and the other end attaches to the cross brace. 

You have to adjust the sink position and need to tighten the bar clamps until the sink is snug with the countertop. Installation of a drop-in sink is easier than undermount countertop.

You need to apply adhesive under the lip of the sink and adjust it in the proper location. After adjusting the sink into your countertop, then your sink will be installed.


After installing the sink, you need to clean the sink and the countertop immediately.  You have to remove the excess sink edges and dirt from the surface of them. When you tighten the clamps, some silicone seeps out from under the sink edges.

Before removing the excess silicone, joint the sink lip with the countertop with your finger to make sure that they adjust perfectly. If you think you need to add some additional silicone, add more and remove the extra silicone before it dries.

After cleaning the surface your sink will look perfect, clean, and shiny.


Finally, you need to add additional support to incorporate garbage disposal. It is important to add additional support when you install an undermount sink without hardware.

When you fill the sink with water, the garbage disposal sides can be very heavy for this reason your sink may detach from the countertop.

To reduce the chance of detaching the sink from the countertop, you need additional support. 

To adjust small blocks of granite or acrylic material to the bottom of the countertop overlapping the lip, you need to add a two-part epoxy. The epoxy is a rapidly-setting material that allows you to connect the plumbing immediately after installing the sink.

For the drop-in sink, you do not need to add extra support if the sink is supported by the countertop. 


By following all the steps, you can install an undermount sink without clips. It is not much difficult to install, you just need to be more careful when you are installing the sink.

After installing it, you can accomplish all your home activities in the sink.

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