How To Wash Dishes In A Double Sink?

Double bowl sinks offer a lot more advantages than a single bowl sink. Washing dishes by hand can be quicker than waiting for a dishwasher.

If you want to wash your dishes and pans by hand you need a perfect and great kitchen sink.

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How To Wash Dishes In A Double Sink? Follow This Easy Process

How To Wash Dishes In A Double Sink - Follow This Easy Process

This article will let you know the answer to How to wash dishes in a double sink? A double bowl sink is more effective for washing dishes than a single bowl sink.

If you install a double bowl sink in your kitchen, use it properly. Once you learn how to use it and how to wash dishes in it, you will see the effectiveness of the double bowl sink.

There are two types of double bowl sinks, one is a standard double bowl sink and another one is a nonstandard double bowl sink.

The size of the standard double bowl sink is equal on the other hand non-standard double bowl sink size is not equal, one bowl is small and another bowl is large.

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Dishwashing In Standard Double Bowl Sinks

A standard double bowl sink has two bowls and the size of bowls is equal. They both placed side by side. When you wash dishes in standard double bowl sink, store dishes and pans in the side without the garbage disposal.

When you go for washing dishes scrape food into the side with the garbage disposal.

After that, stack the dishes on the counter and fill the other side of the sink with soap and water. Now it’s time to soak and wash the dishes with the water. And when it is finished, rinse them on the other side.

Food Preparation With Standard Double Bowl Sinks

To prepare food in a standard double bowl sink, use one side for rinsing fruit, meats, and vegetables. Don’t spread the things around the whole sink. And you can use another side for peeling potatoes, carrots and turnips.

If you follow this setup, the meat and vegetables do not mix inside of the sink.

Dishwashing In Non-standard Double Bowl Sinks

In this type of sink, there is one small bowl and one large bowl. Washing dishes inside of a sink is slightly difficult so you can use a small bowl only for rinsing.

The large bowl is suitable for storing dishes, soaking and washing dishes. You can clean and wash glasses and dishes in the smaller bowl, but it is risky. If the smaller bowl is shallower there is a risk to break the glasses and dishes.

As the larger bowl has more room to wash large and heavy items, it is best for washing. You can choose a large bowl to wash large pans and pots so that you can have more space to wash them perfectly and there is no risk of damaging them.  

Food Preparation With Non-standard Double Bowl Sinks

If you have a non-standard double bowl sink, use the smaller bowl to peel vegetables and rinse the fruits. You can use the large side to fill pots and rinse large vegetables for example squash and bunches of grapes.

If you have limited counter space, use a cutting board on the smaller bowl to perform food preparation.


If you do not know how to wash dishes in a double sink? Then it can be riskier for breaking the items while you are cleaning them. Before installing the best double bowl kitchen sink, you should know how to use it.

If you know how to use standard and non-standard double bowl sink, you can identify which sink style is perfect for you.

Either standard or non-standard whatever kitchen sink you have, you should know the proper use of it.