How To Remove Delta Shower Handle With No Set Screw

Over time, using any shower faucet or handle can develop a leak, seals can dry out, and calcium and mineral deposits can build up. But this is a relatively easy problem to fix if you are the know-how. So in this article, we are going to talk about the most in-depth details about the Delta shower faucet handle and also explain a demonstration of how to remove delta shower handle with no set screw.

When it comes to fixing or replacing your Delta faucet, shower handle or tub handle you need to know about all the parts that are inside, identify the cartridge type, the right tools to take those parts, and also identify the main problem you are having with that specific faucet or shower handle. Only then you can solve your real issue. 

So if you are desperately looking for the solution of how to remove delta shower handle with no set screw you are in the exact place to find that answer and also some more related information to guide you through. 

Easy Ways To Know How To Remove Delta Shower Handle With No Set Screw

In most Delta shower handles there are set screws, bonnet nuts, and some other type of nuts present. So a set screwless Delta Shower handle is very rare. But if you have one and you are looking online for solutions to take it off for any purpose you might have to look real hard. 

So that’s why we are here for you with the easiest solutions and guidelines to take of those set screwless shower handles buzzing with you. If your shower handle is old and you have not touched it in years it might be a bit tricky. 

So if you are trying to learn how to remove a Delta shower handle with no set screw then this is how you do it:

If your Delta shower handle does not have a set screw then no need to panic there is a trick to take out that handle. As these handles don’t have set screws you won’t be able to pull out the handle by itself you have to get the whole thing and twist it counterclockwise. 

If it’s stuck you might need to spray some WD-40 and wait for some time. Wearing a rubber glove also helps to get a grip on the handle and then twist. It’ll take about forty or so interactions.

You’ll see it coming to loosen with each twist. So just twist and take off the handle. Underneath the handle, there will be the temperature controller which you can adjust using a pair of pliers or you can just take out the whole thing.

Delta Faucet Parts

There are about 15 to 16 Delta faucets parts to make a complete faucet and they are:

  1. Faucet handle
  2. Set screw 
  3. Cap
  4. Spout
  5. Aerator
  6. Swivel Aerator 
  7. Slip ring
  8. Cam and packing
  9. Ball assembly/ Cartridge
  10. Seats and springs
  11. O-Rings  
  12. Diverter assembly 
  13. Escutcheon 
  14. Nuts and washer
  15. Gasket 
  16. Coupling nuts 

Delta Faucet Cartridge Identification

In the earliest times, the best easiest faucets out there didn’t use a cartridge at all and used what they call a Delta ball with a seat and spring. So to use that faucet, it had a metal or plastic handle. They would fit that ball onto the head and would rock it up to turn the water on and turned it left and right to get hot and cold water. These cartridges had a nut on the front of them and a rubber seat and spring option which applied pressure to the back of this ball. 

The Delta RP-1991 is the next version that they realized in the market. In this cartridge, they used seton springs and have two flat sizes, two round sides for the handle adapter. This one gets stuck on the valve and gets twisted; the further you turned it the hotter it gets. They also added a pressure balance pool in this and it’s a stainless steel cylinder that went over to the user with a little nut.

The Delta RP-19804 is one of the most popular cartridges so far. It also has that two flat side, two round side connection; as you twist the handle further the hotter it gets. They set it in a metal handle. You can twist it a quarter turn and remove the top section with their seating springs. This kind of cartridge is mounted on the wall inside a brass cover with an RP-22734 nut to hold it in place.

The next cartridge in our list came out with a 1500 series which later got discontinued and later replaced by the 1700 series. This one has a dual handle. Some of them have a black front section, some of them are in nickel. So here you would twist the handle to turn the water on and you would adjust the front section for the temperature. 

This cartridge number is Delta RP-32104. This one comes with seating springs and also quad rings that go back in the valve body behind the cartridge.  

The Delta RP-46074 came out later on to replace the RP-19804 and there is not much of a difference between the two. But this one has a larger O-ring section so they can not be interchangeable. 

The last cartridge we have for you is Delta RP-70538. This cartridge fits in many peerless faucets sold by Delta. The same connections at the front got seating springs in it. This one has a very shallow body in the valve. This has a heavier chrome nut in it and is perfect for thin walls. So these are all the Delta faucet cartridge identifications you need to know if you want to interchange them. 

Delta Shower Handle Removal Tool

These are the Delta shower handle removal tools you’ll need for this process:

  • Smooth jaw adjustable wrench (no teeth)
  • ⅛-inch Allen wrench/ Delta tool/ Drill 
  • O-ring pick/ Dental pick

5 Simple Steps To Know How To Remove Delta Shower Handle

To remove a Delta shower handle make sure you have the right tools with you. But if the shower handle is old and has never been cleaned before it might be a problem for you to take out. So don’t worry we are going to explain to you the step by step process right down below:

Step 1: Turn Off Your Water Supply

The first step before you begin to do anything make sure you’ve already turned off your water supply. If your water supply is not turned off when you pull out the cartridge your water is going to be coming out from the water lines making you soaking wet. 

Step 2: Handle Removal

Now take your Delta tool to pull out the set screw. When the set screw is off you can simply pull out the shower handle. If it gets stuck and did not want to come out take a flat head screwdriver and a hammer and gently put the screwdriver into the joint and hammer it a bit. 

It will loosen the stuck handle from its place. Often because of hard water buildup, the handle and nuts might get stuck. 

Step 3: Remove The Bonnet Nut

When your shower handle gets too old and you didn’t touch it in years the bonnet nut can get stuck. Of course, you can try to use a strap wrench but you should not put a lot of force on this. Because in the older 1400s there were like three copper pipes inside holding the whole thing in together. 

So in that case we recommend using a Dremel to cut right through that bonnet or splitting it with a screwdriver or tapping it. 

Step 4: Pull Out The Cartridge

When you are done removing your bonnet and the nut it will get easier to pull out the cartridge. For some cartridges, you can just wiggle and pull out but some cartridges screw the system. So make sure to check that which one you have and take out the cartridge. 

Step 5: Clean Out The Water Valve

For the older shower handles it is necessary to clean the water valve after you take out the cartridge. So to do that let all the water in the valve come out. Now take a paper towel and soak it in vinegar and then wrap it around the rough. 

How To Remove The Stuck Shower Handle Screw

  • If the Allen wrench does not work take out the set screw then spray some WD-40 on the nut
  • Wait a couple of minutes to let the screw get slippery
  • Then cut off your Allen wrench with a hacksaw
  • Now put it into your drill that way you can use your drill like a drill bit
  • Be careful full with the drill you could strip things out and make things worse if you slip
  • Set your drill in the reverse setting, try to get a bite, and slowly put pressure on the top 
  • You might have to jiggle your handle during the process
  • And it will push out the screw slowly but surely 

How To Remove A Stuck Delta Shower Faucet Handle

  • It is a good idea to spray some kind of lubricant inside the set screw hole so the calcium buildup can get loose, so wait 10 minutes after spraying oil 
  • If your faucet set screw is stripped you have to drill that out and pull out the screw
  • Keep wiggling the handle so the set screw starts to shake from its place
  • Now hold the handle steady and put pressure on the handle downwards and tug it
  • Keep pulling and pushing the handle back and forth
  • Now when you hear a pop you can take out the handle apart 

How To Remove Delta Monitor Shower Handle

  • Use an Allen wrench or a drill to take the set screw on the handle
  • Now pull the handle out
  • Pull out the trim sleeve spacer 
  • To take off the bonnet nut use a strap wrench to remove it
  • Now grab the cartridge, wiggle a bit, and pull it out
  • Let the remaining water inside the valve pour out

Final Verdict

Hiring a plumber for the simplest job of fixing a shower faucet or a shower handle or replacing any of the parts can cost you a pretty penny. But if you learn to do that simple job then there is satisfaction guaranteed. That’s why our full guideline on how to remove delta shower handle with no set screw can be a lifesaver if you just give it a good read.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Remove Delta Monitor 1700 Shower Handle?

To remove Delta Monitor 1700 shower handle begin by turning off the water supply to the shower. Since most showers might not have individual supply valves you’ll need to shut off the water to the entire house. 

Cover the drain to make sure you don’t inadvertently drop any parts down the drain. Now take a regular screwdriver and gently clip the top piece of the handle off. Now with the same screwdriver take off the temperature control knob, slid off the handle assembly which contains the rotational limit. 

Then remove the trim sleeve and the cartridge will be visible. Here the cartridge assembly is held in place by the bonnet nut, so use a strap wrench or pair of channel lock pliers to loosen the bonnet nut by turning it counterclockwise. 

Then remove the bonnet nut by hand. Now pull out the cartridge wiggling back and forth as you pull. So this is how you can remove your Delta Monitor 1700 shower handle.

What Size Are Delta Faucet Screws?

The size of the Delta faucet set screws is 5/16-inch and the part number is RP25620

How Do You Replace A Delta Single Handle Shower Cartridge?

When you need to replace your shower cartridge check the cartridge part number and order the exact one from the manufacturer’s website. Then take out the old cartridge following the instructions we’ve mentioned earlier.

When you are done taking out the old cartridge let the remaining water in the line pour out. Then to reinstall the new cartridge make sure the hot side making is on the side of the valve, the hot water comes from. This will typically be the left.

Now line up the keys on the rise with the slots in the valve, put the bonnet nut back on, and hand tightens fully. Lastly, reassemble the components of the shower handle. 

How Do You Remove A Delta Tub Faucet Handle?

To remove the Delta tub faucet handle first shut off the water supply. Then twist the outer handle part counterclockwise and take it off. Now there is a set screw underneath and that’s where everybody has problems. 

To take that screw you’ll need a wrench that is the size of a 3/32 hex wrench or Allen wrench. Make sure the wrench has no ball end. If there is any calcium buildup in there you have to clean that up before unscrewing the nut.

Now take out that screw. Now pull out the faucet stem handle. Then spin the trim sleeve and take it out. This way the cartridge will be visible. Use a wrench to loosen the cartridge pull that out. Last;y there will be a spring gasket inside which you can remove with a screwdriver and just pop off.

Are Delta Shower Handles Interchangeable?

Yes. you can interchange any of your Delta showers handles with other models that suit your taste and style.