How To Remove Chemical Stains From Stainless Steel Sink

It is very disappointing if your expensive stainless steel is stained because of an acidic reaction.

If the surface of the sink is full of stains then it looks dull and ugly.

To give your sink a new look you need to know how to remove chemical stains from stainless steel sinks.

Chemical Stains

Some chemicals when coming into contact with stainless steel cause a stain. Stainless steel stains because of chemicals. When steel makes contact with an acid such as hydrogen, chloride, hydrogen sulfide, chemical reactions occur that damage the stainless steel.

Because of the chemical reaction, the protective layer of stainless steel objects to stress and crack.

How To Remove Chemical Stains From Stainless Steel Sink | 5 Easy Methods

In this article, we will describe some methods that are effective and safe for you and easily remove all the chemical stains.

We use various acidic instruments in our household that create reactions and make stains in the stainless steel farmhouse sink. The acidic household items that we usually use are citrus extracts and juices, Vinegar, strippers, metal polishes.

When these things fall into the sink then the stainless steel gets damaged. The acidic base household cleaners are also responsible for staining. 

Methods Of Removing Chemical Stains From Stainless Steel Sink

How To Remove Chemical Stains From Stainless Steel Sink - 3 Easy Methods

You can easily remove the chemical stains by using some inexpensive items. If the surface of stainless steel is full of stains then it looks dull and ugly.

To give your kitchen sink a new look you need to remove the chemical stains. By following some processes, you can easily remove the stains from the skin surface.

Warning:  before starting the removal process, make sure that you wear your gloves and mask to keep yourself safe from harmful chemicals.

Removing Light Or Minor Chemical Stains

Method 1: Vapor Cleansing Process

  • To remove light chemical stains you need some necessary ingredients and they are a kettle, spout, and paper towel
  • Take the kettle, pour it with water, then heat and boil the water in a stove
  • Pour some boiling water by using a spout into the sink
  • Find out the stain and place the paper towel over the stains
  • To make the towel wet, pour more boiling water onto the towel
  • After pouring water, wait for about 5 to 10 minutes and let the surface of the sink cools down
  • Take a soft cloth or a paper towel to rub stains off then clean the sink with water

Method 2: Baking Soda And Liquid Dish Soap

  • To complete the process you will need a liquid dishwasher, baking soda, bowl, paper towel, an old toothbrush
  • Take some baking soda and liquid dish soap and mix them to make a nice paste. Make sure that you take an equal portion of both of them, and if necessary, you can add some water so that it creates a nice paste
  • Take an old toothbrush and dab the paste 
  • Gently scrub the stain along the grain of the stainless steel
  • After scrubbing for a couple of minutes, rinse the paste away with warm water
  • Finally, wipe the surface of the sink with a paper towel

Removing Strong Chemical Stains

Method 1: Ammonia And Water Method

  • Necessary instruments that you need are ammonia, spray bottle, bowl, cleaning towel
  • Use a spray bottle to spout water over the stain or you can just pour down water on the stain
  • Make a nice paste using an equal portion of ammonia and water. Make sure that the paste is neither too runny nor too thick
  • Cover the stains with the paste and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes
  • After some time, wipe down the paste with a cleaning towel, clean up the area with a wet towel if needed.

Method 2: Using Vinegar

  • The components you need are white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, a soft paper towel
  • Pour a small amount of apple cider or white vinegar on the stained surface. You can spray the vinegar if you want
  • To fit the vinegar into the stains, wait for a few minutes
  • After some time, rub the stained area with a soft paper towel
  • Wipe the area with a dry towel

Method 3: Use Stainless Steel Cleaner

If your sink has tough chemical stains, it would be better to use stainless steel cleaner and polisher. Try to use the best cleaner that will clean without excessive scratching.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions that come with the cleaner.

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Removing chemical stains is not that tricky if you know the process. You can make your kitchen sink new by following the methods of how to remove chemical stains from stainless steel sinks.

Follow any of the methods and give your sink a new shiny look.