How To Plumb A 3 Compartment Sink | 6 Easy Steps

Do you have a 3 compartment sink in your home and do you want to repair it?

If so then you are in the right place. Most of the house has a 3 compartment sink and at some point, they may need to repair the sink.

Plumbing a three-compartment sink can be a bit more complicated than working with a normal sink. With the correct parts and some plumbing experience, you can do it easily.

Plumbing the 3-compartment sink varies depending on the style and setups of the sink. This article will let you know how to plumb a 3-compartment sink in a simple process. 

How To Plumb A 3 Compartment Sink | 6 Easy Methods To Follow

6 Simple Methods To Know How To Plumb A 3 Compartment Sink

Plumbing a 3 compartment sink is not an easy task if you do not know the proper plumbing process.

Once you know the step-by-step process you can easily plumb it without facing any difficulties. Let’s follow the process carefully. 

Step 1: Prepare The Path Of The Pipe

The first step is to make the plan of the path of the pipe. Start the preparations by running a sizable drainpipe that is about 2-inches under the floor from the main waste stack into the cabinet housing the sink.

Before physically removing the flooring to lay your pipe, make sure that you choose the shortest path. You need to extend the pipe up to about 5-inches underneath the sink after you finish laying down the pipe.

Step 2: Apart From All The Pieces

Keep each part of the 3 compartment sink kit aside. The kit has the center tee, elbow, and drain tailpiece sections. The elbow section connects the right and left bowls on the other hand the center tee connects the center drain with the two-drain tailpiece.

Step 3: Mark The Cuts To Cut The Two Pipes

The sink drain and its tailpiece put them off the drain. Attach the P-trap assembly to the piece. You need to make sure that you connect the PVC extension pipe to the end path of the P-trap.

Carefully move the P-trap around together with the extension until it touches the drain pipe. Now it is time to mark the places so that you can cut them on the tow pipes. Take a hacksaw to cut the drainpipe in the places you marked. After that using sandpaper, remove any burrs.

Step 4: Cut The Pvc Pieces

Take a hacksaw and keep it on the places you marked and then cut the drainpipe in the places. If any burrs are living, remove those using sandpaper. When cutting the PVC pieces, ensure they fit the places you had marked.

Now check on your wall to find out the drain. You may not need additional pieces to install center set -drains as it installs directly to the p-trap kit. If you have offset drains, you need to install a P-trap kit followed by a flexible extension that will drain water outside the wall.

The drain ought to be flexible for it to curve around so that it may line up with the outlet on the wall.

Step 5: Installing The Sanitary Tee And Pvc P-trap

To install the sanitary and PVC p-trap, first, you need to position the tee while the sweep faces up and its outlet pointing towards the p-trap. You need to bring the extension side as same as the outlet size. Attach the tee to the drainpipe using PVC cement. After that, connect the tee and extension pipe.

Now it is time to install your p-trap kit on the center set tails bottom, aligning it with the wall. If it is necessary, you can use the tailpiece extensions to your sink’s drain’s bottom.

Step 6: Check The Leakages

Check the connection carefully so that any problems you can figure out. Make sure there are no leakages and confirm that you have tightened all the connections perfectly. 

Final Verdict

You can accomplish any difficult task if you know the right process. If you do not get a proper guideline, you can never complete any task successfully. How to plumb a 3 compartment sink is a tricky task but fortunately, you came to the right place where you got the proper guideline, and now you can easily repair your three-compartment sink.