How to Install Undermount Sink to Quartz: 2 Easy Installation Methods

If you already choose that you want to buy an under-mount sink for your kitchen sink. Now, it’s time to know the installation process.

If you make any mistakes while installing your kitchen sink, you will have to face a big problem.

This article will help you to learn how to install undermount sink to quartz? To get clear instruction, mindfully look at the whole article.

A good undermount sink provides an aesthetic look to your kitchen. It serves as a smooth component of your kitchen.

It is not like other sinks, this type of sink attaches to the underside of countertops. Before installing an under-mount kitchen sink, at first, you need to cut the quartz in accordance with the size of your kitchen sink.

Then you need to install the sink. After you cut the quartz and fit the size of your kitchen sink to the countertop, you will need to choose an installation method to install your sink. There are two methods to install an under-mount sink to quartz.

How to Install Undermount Sink to Quartz | 2 Easy Methods

There are two installation methods for installing your kitchen sink and these are:

  • Cutting and cleaning the countertop of the quartz
  • Securing the under-mount sink by suspension

All the methods are describing with some steps and that will be easy for you to catch the installation methods.

Let’s learn the methods of how to install undermount sink to quartz?

Cutting and cleaning the countertop of the quartz

Step 1: Measure the hole

If you have already cut the countertop or want to replace a sink, figure out what is your sink size. Measure the length and width of the hole and also measure the depth of the cabinet if your sink is over a cabinet.

Step 2: Installation location

Figure out the location where you want to install the undermount sink. You can select it depending on a few factors, such as the location of the water supply lines or in the middle of countertops. If you want you can choose a different aesthetic.

Step 3: Choose a revealing style

The revealing style is important because, after the installation, it determines how much rim will be visible of the sink. It is important for appearance and cleaning as well. There are three types of reveal zero reveal, positive reveal, and negative reveal.

Zero reveals sinks look professional and there is no extra space for garbage and food to slip into. Most of the people go with zero reveal.

Another one is positive reveal, where the sink’s rim remains visible. As half of the sink’s rim stays visible, the rim gets dirty. And the last one is negative reveal, though it hides the rim of the sink under the countertop, the edges become dirty and hard to clean.

Step 4: Trace the outline of the sink

Trace the countertop of the quartz by placing the sink. After that, remove the sink from the countertop and measure the width of the rim. To avoid your mistake erase the original line.

If your sink comes with a cardboard template then it is easy for you. Just put the template over the countertop and trace it correctly. The outline must be lesser than the sink opening.

Step 5: cut the countertop

Now it’s time to cut the countertop, put on safety gear like goggles. Choose the right saw to cut your countertop. To make holes for the accessories you need to use a drill. Choose a suitable drill for the countertop.

Step 6:  clean up the countertop

Clean up the countertop by using a scraper to eliminate any garbage or old caulk.  To dispel the garbage scrub it with a dampened in denatured alcohol.

Securing the undermount sink by suspension

Step 1: use a stack board

This method is best for you if you already installed any sink. You need to use a stack board to support the weight of the sink. Attach the board to the countertop.

Step 2: Adjust the sink

Adjust the sink and the countertop as needed. Place the rim of the sink with the edges. If your reveal style is zero reveal look down from above and make sure that the sink is placed in the exact place.

Step 3: setting a couple of woods

You need an adjustable bar clamp and a couple of woods. Then, set a piece of wood underneath your kitchen sink clogged, after that set another piece over the hole.

Step 4: Glue the studs

Use an epoxy paste to stick the studs to the underside of the counter. Mix equal amounts of epoxy resin and hardener together. After that, glue the studs to the underside.

Step 5: choose a silicone caulk

To make the sink long-lasting, choose a canister of waterproof silicone caulk. This will help your sink to hold for a long time.

Step 6: Check the placement of the sink

Check the positioning of the sink and adjust it before the caulk solidifies. If you are satisfied with the placement of your sink, leave it for solidifies. Once the caulk solidifies, it is difficult to move the sink

Step 7: Fit the clips with a wingnut

Fit the clips over the stud. After that, tighten the clips with a wingnut. Make sure that there is no gap between the sink and the countertop. Tighten the wingnuts with your hand and also keep in mind overnighting can destroy the countertop.

Step 8: wipe the garbage

If there is any garbage or excess caulk, wife it by using a rag and denatured alcohol.

Step 9: set the accessories

Set the accessories and mount the faucet on top of the caulk.

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We expect! Now you learn How to Install Undermount Sink to Quartz?

Follow any of the methods to install your under-mount kitchen sink. Obviously, follow the steps that we have provided in the article.

If you successfully installed the sink it will give an aesthetic look to your kitchen.