How To Install Fireclay Farmhouse Sink | 6 Easy Steps

Installing a farmhouse sink in your kitchen cabinet is a breeze if you get a proper guidelines.

If you have purchased a farmhouse sink for your beautiful kitchen cabinet but are worried about installation then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will let you know How to Install Fireclay Farmhouse Sink by following 6 easy steps.

Types Of Farmhouse Sink Installation

Usually, a sink can be installed in different processes. If you want to install a farmhouse sink, you can install it in three ways and they are:

  • Flush mount installation– In this way, the sink sits level with the countertop
  • Build-up installation– The sink sits above the level of the countertop of your kitchen
  • Undermount installation– It sits just below the countertop

Required Ingredients

To install a sink, you need the necessary tools and materials. Without them, you cannot install your sink so before starting the installation make sure you have every material.

  • Drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Framing square
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Silicone sealant
  • Safety glasses
  • Wood braces
  • Support frames
  • Screws

How To Install Fireclay Farmhouse Sink | 6 Simple Steps

After deciding the types of installation and collecting the materials that you need to install the sink, you can start the installation process by following the steps given below. 

Step 1: Free The Kitchen Cabinet Area

The very first thing that you need to do is, turn off the water lines. There are two valves placed inside the base cabinet under the sink.  You need to remove the water lines by disconnecting the other fittings.

A drainpipe is positioned under the sink, remove it. If you see the water is trapped in the P- trap, hold a towel or a bucket under it and observe all local plumbing codes.

Remove all the things from the cabinet and also remove the lower cabinet drawers and doors. Clean the surface of the cabinet perfectly. With the help of some screws, the cabinet holds the countertop.

You need to remove the screws in the base cabinets. Use a knife to cut the silicone beads and then lift the countertops. 

Step 2: Build The Supportive Frame

Farmhouse sinks are heavier than other sinks for this reason they need support frames due to weight and other factors. The farmhouse sink generally does not come with a cut-out template.

Now you need to use the actual sink to measure and mark before making the cut-outs.

According to the installation type, measure the height and then mark the inner walls with a pencil. To install the sink properly, you need to build a frame out of 2x4s.

This frame will help to support the weight of the sink. To retain enough kitchen cabinet space, you need to build the frame by screwing 2x4s right to the sides of the cabinet.

This will allow you to have more cabinet space so that you can use the space for other purposes. 

If the installation process is undermount, then the top of the sink requires sitting 1/8” under the countertop. To get the perfect measurement of the frame, measure the inside height of the cabinet, then subtract the height of the sink, after that subtract 1/8”.

Finally, you need to make sure that the 2×4 frame is a tight fit behind the cabinets. In a later step, you will need to mound a trim board to this 2×4.

Step 3: Cut The Cabinet Front

Measure the front of the cabinet and mark where your new sink will fit. Make sure that you take the measurement carefully and perfectly. To ensure a minimum gap between the sink and the cabinet, the opening of the cabinet should be equal to the maximum sink or apron dimensions.

If you have any false panels, remove them by pulling them. Adjust the opening by sanding the opening or adding wood filler strips or spacers if necessary.

Step 4: Install The Sink

Carefully positioned the farmhouse sink. To ensure it is straight on the bottom and top, level the sink. Using plumber putty, install the basket strainer or disposal flange.

Apply sealant if necessary and then install the plumbing fixtures and garbage disposal, and connect the drain pipes.

Step 5: Install The Countertop

To trace the cut-out of the countertop, use the sink upside down and use precise measurements. Tae a silicone sealer to seal all edges of the sink to the countertop which will help to prevent water from leaking.

Step 6: Install The Cabinet Frame And Doors

Remove all the materials for instance screws, pulls, hinges from the doors, and cut them according to the measurement. Once the doors are complete, install them accurately. 


Hope! You are now clear about the installation process. The article How to Install Fireclay Farmhouse Sink made everything clear and explained step by step so that you can install your kitchen sink without any problems.

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