How To Install A Garbage Disposal For The First Time | 8 Easy Steps

If you want to keep your kitchen neat and clean, then one obvious appliance you need to install is garbage disposal, which helps to get rid of food waste. It is difficult for you if you do not know how to install a garbage disposal for the first time.

Once you know the step-by-step process then it will be a breeze for you to install a garbage disposal.

Before installing it, you need to collect some components so that you can easily install them. 

Things You Need

If you decide to install a new garbage disposal for the first time, it could be worrying for you but if you have all the necessary instruments then you can install it by following some easy steps. Before installing garbage disposal make sure you have all the instruments near your hand. 

  • A new Garbage Disposal
  • Garbage disposal mounting rings and drains fittings.
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw
  • Garbage disposal power cord
  • Extension pieces 
  • Channel type Pliers

8 Easy Steps To Know How To Install A Garbage Disposal For The First Time

After collecting all the components, start the installation process following the steps.

Step 1: Take Preparation For The Installation

Before you install the garbage disposal, you need to do several things to avoid any kind of problems. 

  • First, disconnecting power at the circuit breaker
  • Find garbage disposal and mounting ring set up
  • Loosen the screws of the mounting assembly evenly on all of them
  • To get down the snap ring
  • Separate all the settings and put them on one side

Step 2: Installing Drain Flange

Using a rag clean the entire area around the drain. Now you need to form a rope that is ½ inches in diameter. Put the rope around the underside of the drain flange and insert the flange in the drain hole. After that, put some weight on it, and press it hard and you will see plumbers putty seeping out.

Trim the access putty and take a rag to clean it. You need to make sure that the flange is sealed and attached properly so that it keeps in place when you join mounting.

Step 3: Installing The Fiber Gasket, The Backup Flange, And The Mounting Ring And Metal Clip

At the very first, you need to install the fiber gasket, the backup flange, and the mounting ring and metal clip one by one in the same order. To install them screw the screws down on the mounting ring. Under the sink, you will get a drain flange and plumbers at the bottom. Now you need to attach the fiber gasket and the backup flange.

Attach the mounting ring with screw heads, and then insert the metal ring before tightening the screw. A split is situated over there so you need to hold it with your fingers and also can take the help of a screwdriver. Pull it over to you and it will be in the place. Tighten the mounting screws and the putty is gummed perfectly.

Step 4: Connecting The Power Cord

You need to place the garbage disposal upside down remove the plate beneath the device and connect the power wires with the power cord. Follow the instruction manual to connect the wires.

When you successfully remove the plates, you need to take out the wires. Attach the pigtail using a 3/8 clamp connector. Loosen the screws on the clamp enough to slide the pigtail to wire it with the garbage disposal. Use strippers to strip the wires down. Now it is time to attach the wires.

Make sure that you attach the white wire with the white, black wire with black, and the green wire to the garbage disposal’s ground screw. After attaching the wires, close the lid. 

Step 5: Drain Pipe Connection

In this step, you need to place the rubber gasket and drain pipe and connector, and screw after that in place with the metal ring provided in the bag. Cut the plastic part, according to the location of the P-trap. 

Step 6: Installing The Garbage Disposal

Now it is time to install the garbage disposal. To do that you need to lock the mounting ring with loops on the top of the garbage disposal. Raise your garbage disposal and keep the loops inside the mounting rings, after that spin with your finger the garbage disposal will get locked.

Let’s check a video for installing a garbage disposal

You need to make sure that the drainpipe is facing the drain outlet connection.

Tighten it with a key.

Step 7: Attach The Discharge Tube Or The P-trap

Using a hacksaw cut the discharge tube to the perfect size. Take the gasket that is included and attach the discharge or the P-trap to the garbage disposal outlet. 

Step 8: Check For Leaks

To ensure everything is working properly, you need to make a few final checks up. Run water through the channels and observe if there are any leaks. Tighten the fittings if needed. 

Final Verdict

Installing a garbage disposal unit is not a tricky task if you follow the steps of how to install a garbage disposal for the first time. Do all the steps accordingly and you will get a good result. After installing it, enjoy your clean kitchen.

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