How To Identify Delta Shower Faucet Model

Whenever you want to replace or fix any faucet you must know the model number to identify that specific faucet or the parts in it. So the same thing applies to the Delta shower faucet. But if you don’t know where to find it you’ll need to read about those places to learn how to identify Delta shower faucet models. 

To identify the Delta shower faucet model or any other model or manufacturer’s name you must look into the shower faucet packaging or in the manufacturer’s guideline in the faucet rim or the cold line tag. These are the most basic places to look for if you want to identify the model number.

So in this article, you will find not only how to identify Delta shower faucet models but also will learn about identifying techniques of other faucet models, different parts of the Delta faucet, their customer service number, and many other important instructions. 

How To Identify Delta Shower Faucet Model?

There are different places to look for when you want to identify the model number of your Delta shower faucet. So let’s see how to can find those places and identify the model number:


This is probably the best and easiest place to look for your Delta faucet’s model number. On the packaging box, the model number will be mentioned beside the UPC or at the very top of the box. So do try to find that. 

Instruction Manual 

This is also a good way to identify your Delta shower faucet model number. The instruction manual comes inside the packaging. There at the very top of the first page, you’ll find the manufacturer’s name and model number of your faucet. 


If you can not find the model number on the packaging or in the instruction manual then you can uninstall the shoer valve on its bottom side the model number will be mentioned. But only use this technique when you replace or fix the faucet

The Cartridge Cap 

Sometimes the Delta cartridge cap contains the serial number of that faucet model. So if you need to clean that and take a flashlight to focus on the number. When you have the serial number you can just search online or call the customer service number to inquire. 

Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts

Lever handle assembly (RP70739)Set screw (RP47666)
Button (RP47271)
Weight (RP49149)
Wand Assembly (RP70738)Aerator & Wrench (RP59815)
Clip (RP60911)
Bonnet & V-Ring(RP151503)
Valve Assembly(RP50587)
Hub Assembly(RP70740)
Escutcheon (RP44645)Escutcheon & Gasket (RP51490)
O-Rings (RP13938)
Gaskets (RP51243)Gasket, Bade plate & Locknuts (RP44650)
Mounting nut (RP49835)

Delta Faucet Customer Service Number 

There are several reasons that you’ll need the Delta customer service number like to replace or get a refund on your purchased product or might be for other inquiries. So you can email them online at:

You can also contact them via phone at this number: 1-800-345-DELTA (3358) which will be open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm EST; on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. The manufacturer’s address is Delta Faucet Company, 55 East 111th st. Indianapolis, IN 46280. 

How To Install Delta Kitchen Faucets?

There are different models available on the market for Delta kitchen faucets. Here we are going to discuss the Delta single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet installation. But you can use this installation of Delta pull-out kitchen faucets. 

Pull out faucet is just a single spout with the spray wand that pulls out from the front. It’s really easy instruction and you only need a few tools. But most important tools will come with the packaging.

So, don’t worry!

Tools & Ingredients

Step 1: Mounting Faucet

The first thing you need to do is feed your supply lines through your gasket and trim ring. On the trim ring there are two tabs so when you push it up onto the shank, make sure to line them up. Then you can feed them through the mounting hole.

Now under the sink begin by feeding your mounting washer and mounting nut over the end of the hose and also your supply lines. Keep an eye on the tag so you don’t rip them off.

Now move them to the bottom of the shank. Make sure none of your hoses are pinched at all. Then hand tightens your mounting nut onto the bottom of the shank. Now tighten the side scenes with a Phillips screwdriver. 

Step 2: Connecting Supply Lines

The next step is going to be connecting your Peck supply lines to your supply stub out and valves. Make sure to connect the cold side to the cold and the hot side to the hotline. Remember blue stands for cold and red stands for hot. Tighten the supply nuts with a wrench

Step 3: Flush Supply Lines

Now that your supply lines are connected your next step is to be flushing your lines. So make sure your faucet up top is off. Now slowly turn on both of your supply lines; first, turn on the cold and then the hot. This will also be a good time to check for any leaks or squirts. 

Now lay your towel and keep your bucket close. There is a little elbow tube up there that is going to spray water so position your bucket there as close to the tube as you can. Now use your free hand to make sure the tube squirts into the bucket. 

Now take the help of someone who will turn on the faucet in full mix position for about 30 seconds. Then remove your bucket and clean any overspray with a towel.

Step 4: Connect The Sprayer Hose

Now you need to connect your sprayer hose to the outlet tube. Make sure your hose is clear of supply lines. Take your sprayer weight and insert through the middle and take the end and push it up onto the outlet tube. 

Take your blue clip and clip it over the connection you just made. Now your kitchen faucet is fully prepared to be used. 

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

The most effective way to find your Moen faucet model number is to look at the box packaging it came in or you can also find it on the instruction manual that also comes in the box.

But if you fail to do so then you can check at the back of the spout where the serial number will be mentioned and later you can search with that serial number to get the exact model number. Or you can also contact the customer service number to get your needed information.

How Do I Find The Model Number For My Proflo Faucet?

There are several places in Proflo faucet where you can check to find out the model number of your faucet. First, check the user manual. 

If you don’t have that then check underneath the faucet where the cold water line is. There will be a tag where the model number will be mentioned.

You. And also check one of the faucet rims or somewhere on the valve because the number will be mentioned there as well. 

How Do I Find The Kohler Faucet Model Number?

The model number in the Kohler faucet is much easier to find because the model number usually is printed or molded on the lower backside of the faucet rim or there will be a tag in the cold water line. You can also check on its packaging or instruction manual. 

Final Verdict

Through all that detailed discussion about how to identify Delta shower faucet models and other important concepts we hope you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re looking for from this article. But if you need any more further information leave your questions and we’ll give answers to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Do I Find My Faucet Model Number?

The easiest way to tell what your manufactured faucet model number is is to look at the packaging or the box the faucet came in. There will surely be a model number of that faucet mentioned somewhere on the box. So check that out.

Or you can check the valve of the faucet and see if there is a mark on it or some indication of which model the faucet is.

For some reason, if you can not see it you might need to clean your faucet. Then take a flashlight and see if you can pick out the model number from the faucet valve. 

How To Identify An Old Delta Shower Faucet Model?

To identify an old Delta shower faucet model you need to check the model number first. The model number should be on the packaging, the faucet valve, or in the instruction manual that came with the faucet box.

When you get that number, check if it was manufactured before 2004. But if you can not do so you should contact the Delta customer support center and do the digging. 

Is There A Lifetime Warranty On Delta Faucets?

No, Delta faucet company does not provide any lifetime warranty on any of its products. But they do provide a 5-year warranty on their products if you have received a product that has a manufacturer’s defect, the product must be bought directly from the company, and many other things that you can fully check out from their official website. 

How Do I Identify A Delta Shower Valve?

To identify a Delta shower valve you need to know about the parts and outer looks of it. A Delta universal integrated shower valve is made of brass and has a 4.06” width and 5.5” height.

Also, some more identification of the valve is that when it’s installed it remains 2.56 inches from stringer to finished wall. The diverter has 3 or 6 settings integrated.

Its inlet and outlet both have 0.5-inch NPT male or 0.5-inch copper sweat. So if you want to identify your shower valve these things are to look for. 

Are All Delta Mixing Valves The Same?

The most convenient thing about any Delta mixing valve is that they are made to be universal. This means that all of Delta’s mixing valves are of the same size and they can be used with any of Delta’s shower valves.