How To Fix A Leaky Sink Drain Pipe [12 Problem SOLVED]

Leaking pipes is not a very unusual incident, it can happen for many reasons but it damages a lot to your home if you leave them untreated.

So, Everything you need to know how to fix a leaky sink drain pipe easily.

If you do not want to replace the pipe permanently, you can temporarily replace the leaking area by following some tricks.

You can apply several temporary fixes for leaking such as epoxy putty or pipe clamps. You can use any of the options to fix your leaky sink drain pipe.

How To Fix A Leaky Sink Drain Pipe | 12 Simple Steps

12 Simple Steps How To Fix A Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

This article will let you learn how to fix a leaky sink drain pipe so that you can fix your drain pipe by yourself without taking help from others.

  • Empty the pipe
  • Dry the leaking area
  • Apply epoxy putty
  • Put gloves
  • Knead the epoxy putty
  • Wrap the putty with a tape
  • Let the putty set
  • Clamping small leaks
  • Use a pipe clamp
  • Align the rubber gasket
  • Fit the clamp

Make sure you turned off the water supply line before fixing the pipe. 

Turn off the water supply

Shut off the water supply

Water supply switch located in your basement or crawl space. Turn off the supply line so that the leak stops and does not create more damage. If the leak of your sink is only in the drainpipe, then you do not need to turn off the supply line.

Empty the pipe

Turn on the faucet that is connected to the leaking pipe. Let the water run until the pipe is empty. 

Dry the leaking area

After draining all the water from the pipe, you need to clean the leaking area of the pipe. Take a cleaning cloth ad to wipe the leaking area. If you clean it perfectly, the area will not be slippery while you are working on it. 

Apply epoxy putty

Put gloves

When you are working with epoxy putty, it could be heated up that may cause pain on bare skin. The gloves you are wearing make sure they are thin enough. Wear gloves when you handle your work with epoxy putty. You can purchase latex or nitrile gloves from the nearest hardware store.

Knead the epoxy putty

Rip off a small epoxy putty from the tube and knead it. The darker epoxy putty will mix with the lighter exterior so that it could be activated. After getting a consistent light grey color of the epoxy putty, you do not knead anymore.

You can purchase plumbing epoxy putty from any hardware store.

Wrap the putty with a tape

Wrap the epoxy putty around the leaky area and make sure that the putty forms a layer around the leak. Taper the putty edges tightly so that it makes a watertight seal. 

Let the putty set

After setting the putty with the tape let the putty set for a few minutes. After setting the putty, you can use your water again and turn on the water line back. You need to keep in mind one thing, the epoxy putty is temporary, and you need to replace the leaking pipe permanently later on.

Clamping small leaks

Use a pipe clamp

Purchase a pipe clamp that is the same size as the leaking area. First measure the leaking area, go to any hardware store and buy the same size pipe clamp. The same size pipe clamp will allow having a tight fit when you secure the pipe clamp in the leaking area.

Align the rubber gasket

Set a rubber gasket on the pipe. This gasket helps you to make the pipes watertight. You need to set the rubber gasket on top of the hole in your pipe. 

Fit the clamp

Fit the clamps by tightening the bolts of the rubber gasket. Tighten the bolts until the clamp sets perfectly in the leaking area and does not turn later. Clamps are also used for a temporary replacement.

If you want to replace the leaking area permanently then you have to call the people who are experts in this and replace the pipe. 


This is all about the solution of how to fix a leaky sink drain pipe. You can choose any of the above options to fix the leaking pipe. Whatever trick you are choosing make sure that you have fixed the leaking area tightly otherwise water will have fallen into the leak.