How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet | 7 easy steps

Because of some leaking problems or any other issues, you need to change the sprayer hose. Now the question is how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet.

You call a plumber to change the sprayer hose from your delta faucet.

However, it is not necessary to call a plumber to disconnect the sprayer hose, if you can change it by yourself.

To answer this question we are here for you and you will be glad to know that only by following 7 easy steps How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet. 

Let’s have a look!

Necessary Tools

Two common tools you need to disconnect the sprayer hose from the delta faucet. Before starting the disconnection process, you should have these common instruments with you so that you can continue your job. 

  • Wrench
  • Bucket

To identify the problems with your delta faucet, you need to disconnect the sprayer hose. After disconnecting the sprayer hose, you can know which part is problematic.

How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet (Following 7 Easy Steps)

Go through the 7 steps very carefully before disconnecting the sprayer hose from the delta faucet. 

Step 1: Switch Off Shut Valve

When you start any technical work, the first thing you need is to make sure that the electricity is turned off. To start any plumbing work, it is important to work with no electricity lines.

As electricity can pass through water, so it can be harmful to your health. For this reason, before disconnecting the sprayer hose task, you need to shut off the valve that is situated below the sink

Step 2: Switch Off The Water Line

Before starting plumbing work, make sure that you have switched off the waterline. After switching off the waterline, drain off all the water from the hose. If any water remains in the hose, it would spread around your kitchen area. 

Step 3: Removing C-clip

A C-clip is used for securing the sprayer hose. Find out the C-clip and then unclip the clip. After unclipping the C-clip, keep it safe so that you can use it later.

C-clip is a metal C-shaped clip that protects the sprayer hose from leaking.

Step 4: Placing A Bucket

After draining water off the sprayer hose, some amount of water will drip off when you disconnect the sprayer hose. At that time, you need a bucket to hold the water otherwise, the water will spread all over the area.

To store the water, you need to place a bucket before disconnecting the sprayer hose. It will store the extra water that will flow from the line.

Step 5: Removing Nuts

There are some nuts in the hose. You need to remove them. Take a wrench and place it on the nuts after that rotate anticlockwise to loosen the nuts. The wrench is important to use because without the wrench you cannot remove the nuts.

They are tightly fixed and you cannot take off them without a wrench. Rotating from one side helps to loosen nuts easily.

Step 6: Rotating Nuts

After losing the nuts using the wrench, you need to rotate the nuts with your finger. Then remove them fast. After that, take out the nuts from the sprayer hose.

Step 7: Disconnect The Sprayer Hose

After completing all the steps successfully, you can now disconnect the sprayer hose from your delta faucet. Disconnect the faucet slowly from the sprayer hose

Final Verdict

This is the easiest process of how to disconnect the sprayer hose from the delta faucet. By following the steps one by one, you can easily disconnect the sprayer hose from your delta faucet without having any harm. You can complete this job within just a few minutes. You do not need any plumber to accomplish this job.

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