How To Cut A Hole In A Stainless Steel Sink | 6 Easy Steps

Do you know how to cut a hole in a stainless steel sink?

If you do not know then this guideline is going to help you and make your work simple and easy.

People think cutting a hole in stainless steel is so tough but they do not know by following some steps can be more than easier.

To know how to cut a hole in a stainless steel sink keep reading the article.

How To Cut A Hole In A Stainless Steel Sink| 6 Easy Steps

Here we will describe the systematic process of cutting a hole in a stainless steel sink.

Let’s learn!

Necessary Ingredients

Cutting a hole is not an easy task. To cut a hole you need to follow some steps that will make your work easy and simple.

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Lubricant
  • Brand new standard size 3/8” Bi-Metal hole cutter
  • A small wooden block (if needed)
  • Center punch or nail
  • A marker
  • An old rag
  • Safety glasses
  • Measuring tape
  • A small file or emery cloth

To complete all the steps you need some necessary ingredients that will help you to accomplish the task. Without all the required instruments, you cannot make a hole in a stainless steel sink.

Before starting to make a hole you need to collect the components. The necessary components that you need to make a hole are given below.

How To Cut A Hole In A Stainless Steel Sink (The Ultimate Guide Step-by-step)

Step 1: Find The Spot

At the very beginning of cutting a hole in the stainless steel sink, you need to identify the place where you are going to make the hole. Finding an accurate place is very important because after drilling there is no way to undo it. 

Before starting the selection of the place, two things you need to keep in mind. The first thing is the potential damage to fixtures under the sink and the second one is the distance from pipes of the selecting area.

You need to survey the underside of the sink, to confirm the right place so that you do not face difficulties during drilling time. 

Another good way you can select the right place is by measuring the distance from the sink to the place where you are going to use the fixture. To make a mark on the spot, masking tape is necessary, and then place it on the identified place. 

Step 2: Indentation

Indentation is important while drilling the hole. Most of the experts use this method to complete the task smoothly. During drilling, the drill can skip across the surface of the sink.

If you can make indentation then you can prevent this problem. By making a small indentation, you can keep the drill in the right place.

To do the process, take a nail set and hold them in the right place then with a hammer strike on the top of the nails. Strike the nails again if you are not satisfied with the first indentation.

Step 3: Lubricating

Drilling is the most important part to make a hole in a stainless steel sink. Picking the right drill bit is not the last thing. When you start to drill, the bit can lose your temper. Putting lubricant oil can solve the problem. Apply a single drop of the oil to the point of the bit.

You have to keep the bit lubricated if you think you need more oil to add then apply some more drops. If you see, it begins smoking then you need to stop drilling.

 Step 4: Use protective eyewear

A spinning titanium step drill bit can be very dangerous for your eyes for this reason you need to take proper protection before starting drilling. You need to use protective eyewear and goggles so that the tiny bits cannot fall into your eyes.

Therefore, protection is very important otherwise, it can damage your eyes.

Step 5: Start to drill

Before drilling, select the perfect drill bit that will be fitted in the place. Place the point of the bit on the mark and perfectly place it on the masking tape. Hold the drill bit in a vertical position and then start drilling at a low speed.

When you see it starts to penetrate the sink surface, then stop drilling. Continue the drilling process until it goes through the sink surface.

Step 6: Removing the sharp edges and debris

After completing the drilling task, there are more things to do. You can see a sharp edge inside the hole that you need to remove. Using a paper towel, you have to clean the surface of the sink. Some debris can also be seen, cleaning them too.

To sand the hole, take an emery cloth, this will help to smooth the edges. Be careful when you are doing this because the edges are very sharp so your finger can be hurt. Use gloves to save your finger. 


If you have a stainless steel sink in your kitchen then you may need to cut a hole. By following the process of how to cut a hole in a stainless steel sink, you can cut a hole with ease.

If your sink is out of the countertop, then you can make a hole by following these steps.