How to Clean Zero Radius Sink – Follow 10 Steps

There are different kinds of kitchen sink in the market. They are different in styles, colors, materials, shapes, and differences in their installation system.

But in recent times the type of sink that has gathered the most popularity is Zero Radius sinks. They are very different from the average-looking sinks and they require a bit more care look stay smooth and shiny.

Now the question is how to clean zero radius sink?

What is a Zero Radius Sink?

Zero Radius sinks can be easy to install and you can top mount or Undermount this sink. It is a smart modern upgrade for today’s laminate countertops. These stainless steel sinks feature a fully square bottom with 90-degree corners for a contemporary look.

Most of the kitchen sinks have a 10-inch depth which provides plenty of workspaces. These 18-gauge sinks are made from long-lasting type 304 stainless steel which adds an optional mix of nickel and chrome for a finish that is resistant to corrosion stands and dense.

Its surfaces are hygienic and scratch-proof. These sinks come with a rubber silencer pad and mega shield insulation which is wrapped all around to prevent the noise of clattering dishes or running water.   

In this article, we gave you some easy steps about How To Clean Zero Radius Sink that will help you to keep your sink shiny and polished. You just need to follow all the steps carefully for the betterment of your sink.

What Do You Need To Clean A Zero Radius Sink?

The things you need to clean your Zero Radius sink are-

  • Rubber gloves
  • Baking soda
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Double-sided scratchpad
  • Undiluted white vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • Cooking oil

How Can You Clean Your Zero Radius Sink?

Did you know, that an average kitchen sink has more germs than a toilet seat?  Gross right! Here is our failsafe way to get your Zero Radius stainless steel sparkling-

  • First of all, pop on your rubber gloves and then empty any food debris from the plughole
  • Then you need to get the whole sink rinsed with warm water 
  • Next, sprinkle some bicarb soda over the sink then wipe it in using a damp cotton cloth; make sure you don’t you any steel scrubber as that could scratch the steel 
  • Bicarb is great for stainless steel as it’s abrasive enough to get away any stuck-on grease or food or lime scale but not so abrasive that it’s going to scratch the steel
  • Now leave that solution on for a few minutes and then you need to spray the whole sink with undiluted white vinegar that will cause it to face; this is a great cheap disinfectant and ideal for removing any water spots. 
  • Now as you know the corners are perfectly 90-degree square you need to take some extra care for that. Use a toothbrush with some bicarb and vinegar mixture and rub rapidly so nothing can hide in the corners. 
  • Do you also need to look after the sides where the sink meets the countertop? Here you need to rub very well to get all the gunk out. But if you have a sink that sits above the countertop you can do the same thing.
  • You also need to do the same thing on the sides of your sink drain and the around the faucet area. 
  • Once the things look cleaner you then need to rinse them again using some warm water from the tap and buff them with a new soft rag 
  • If your sink still is not shiny enough then you can polish it by buffing in a small amount of cooking oil using another dry cloth. 
  • Happy cleaning!

Things You Need To Avoid For Saving Your Zero Radius Sink

The secret to keeping your sink new and shiny like the way it looked the first time you bought follow these rules down below-

  • Keep your sink empty and avoid leaving your dirty stuff in the sink for a long period
  • Clean your sink with bicarb soda daily
  • Clean your sink traps thoroughly
  • Shine your sink with rubbing alcohol or cooking oil
  • Unclog or deodorize your sink drain and garburator 

Your sink to your kitchen as your bed to your bedroom. Meaning if your whole kitchen is tidy it’ll still look disordered if you have a messy and cluttered and crusty sink.

Final Words

Hope! You got your answer about how to clean zero radius sink. We have analyzed it in a step-by-step process so that you can easily understand and apply it. That will help you save the expensive Zero Radios sink you invested your money on. Now if you have any more queries just come back and ask us out. 

So follow all the methods accordingly and make your sink shiny.