How To Choose Standard Kitchen Sink Sizes?

A sink is the most used instrument in a kitchen and that can last for at least 15 years even the sink can suffer scratches.

If you want to install a new sink or want to complete a kitchen remodel, you need to select a perfect size sink that fits in your countertop and makes your kitchen a complement.

Understanding the standard kitchen sink sizes allows you to design your kitchen, plan cabinets, and find the accurate sink for your kitchen. 

How To Choose Standard Kitchen Sink Sizes | 4 Easy Tricks

You need to follow some processes to identify the perfect size for your kitchen. The right process will allow you to select the right sink to find in your countertop or cabinet. 

Setting the standard

Various sinks in the market come in different sizes. If you want to know the perfect size for your kitchen cabinet, at first you should know your comfort.

Most people want to accomplish lots of work in their sink, in that case, they need to purchase a large and deep sink for their compatibility. 

Usually, the average size of a kitchen sink is 22 by 30 inches. Though most of the sink size’s front and back dimensions remain standard, the width can vary dramatically.

It mainly happens due to the size of the cabinets and countertops. Not all sink sizes do not change, but most of the standard sink width can be changed.

 Most of the householders love to use a deeper countertop measuring 30 inches or more than that, which can accommodate the large and deep sink. If you want to install a large sink, you need to install a large cabinet first.

Because you need to choose a sink according to the size of your countertop and cabinet. 

The standard width of the single bowl sink size is around 33 inches, while the double bowl sink is 48 inches. If you like to choose a triple bowl then the wide could be 60 inches.

For easy food preparation, if you like to choose narrow through sinks then the measurement will be 8 to 14 inches front to back and the stretch will be 50 inches.

Depth of the sink

How To Choose Actual Standard Kitchen Sink Sizes Which is perfect for your kitchen

When it comes to choosing a standard kitchen sink depth, you just need to think about the family members of your house. Because if you have a large family you must like to install a bigger and deep sink for your kitchen and if you have a nuclear family, you would like to have a small size sink. 

Generally, the standard depth of a kitchen sink varies from 8 to 10 inches. While a sink with 10 inches deep, it becomes easier to soak pans and they are a bit uncomfortable for the nuclear family.

Some sinks come with a depth of just a few inches, and they are often installed for washing dishes and cleaning vegetables. When you choose the depth of your sink, you must need to keep in mind that undermount sinks sit about 2 inches lower than drop-in sinks.

This thing makes the bottom of the sink more difficult to reach. 

Size of the kitchen

When you want to take preparation for installing a new sink, you need to consider the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is too small, you need to choose a sink with a small size and if your kitchen size is large enough, you can install a bigger sink. 

Most of the time the standard 22 by 33-inch sink seems too large in small kitchens. If your kitchen dimensions are smaller than 150 square feet or 10 by 15 feet, try to avoid the large sink.

If your kitchen dimensions are more than 150 square feet, then you can look for large units or can install double bowl sinks or triple bowl sinks. A large sink can easily accommodate a bigger family and you can do a lot of things with a sink.

Finding the right fit

If you purchase a sink matching your kitchen layout without measuring the kitchen base cabinet, then your sink will not fit on the cabinet.

You need to measure the size of the base cabinet then find a sink that fits well in your kitchen cabinet. The average kitchen cabinet measurement is 24 inches deep, 36 to 42 inches high, and 25-1/4 to 26 inches wide. 

To fit with the standard size cabinet, you can purchase a standard 22 by 33-inch sink that will fit with the standard cabinet dimensions. If you find your base cabinet is larger than the standard kitchen sink sizes, then you can subtract 2 to 3 inches from each measurement to find the right size. 


By following the above processes and sizes, you can get the standard kitchen sink sizes for your kitchen that will give your kitchen an aesthetic touch. Make sure your sink fits with the décor of your kitchen.

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