8 Easy Steps To Know How To Install A Double Sink

If your kitchen size is big then you must go with a double bowl sink.

A double sink is common in a busy kitchen.

As you have decided to install a double bowl sink in your kitchen, then it’s time to know the installation process. How do you install a double bowl sink?

Don’t worry!

This article will give 8 easy steps to install a double bowl sink.

Let’s check sink dimensions first

Double Sink Installation Guide

You can use two bowls alone for washing and cleaning. Though two sink bowls have separate drains, both kitchen sink strainers are attached with the same waste pipe.

You can use a double bowl sink without any hassle.

How Do You Install A Double Sink – The Ultimate Installation Guides

The best double bowl kitchen sink gives you extra advantages and a classy look to your kitchen. Read the entire article carefully to install a double bowl sink.

Which Instrument Do You Need

  • Saber saw
  • Plumbers tape
  • Caulking gun

Double Bowl Sink Installation Process

How Do You Install A Double Sink - The Full Installation Process

Step1: Safety

Before installing a double bowl sink, you need to make sure that it is safe to install or not.

To ensure your safety, first, you have to turn off the waterline. If you have an old sink, you have shut-off valves below the sink. Turn the Shut off valves.

If you are installing a new sink in your kitchen, then you have to shut off the entire house.

Step 2: Removing The Old Sink

If you have an old sink remove it carefully. If you are not careful to remove the sink, your countertop can be damaged.

If you are installing a new sink, then you have to cut into the waste pipe to connect the new sink.

Step 3: Unpack The New Sink

When you are ready to install unpack your new double bowl sink. Make sure that there is no damage.

If it is damaged send them for replacement. Because once you start the installation and then you notice the damage to your sink you will face a lot of hassle.

Step 4: Create An Outline

Now it’s time to install your kitchen sink. As the double bowl sink has two bowls, you have to make two holes in your countertop.

Most of the kitchen sink comes with paper templates to cut the holes. Place the templates on top of the countertop and make an outline of both of the bowls.

Step 5: Cutting The Countertop

After making an outline, you have to cut the countertop. Use a saber saw to cut the middle of the countertop.

After cutting the countertop, remove the piece and check if the size is correct or not. If the size is correct then do the same for the next bowl size.

Step 6: Connecting The Plumbing

After placing the sink in the right position, now you can connect the cold and hot water pipes to the faucets.

If you did not have a fitted shut-off valve, you have to install a new shutoff valve below the sink. to seal the threads of the fittings, you need to use plumbers tape.

Step 7: Testing

To test the leak in the faucet and sink, turn on the waterline. Then check that the water flows out properly or not.

Step 8: Finishing

Finally, it’s time for the finishing touches.  To run a thin bead of caulking down the gap between both the bowls and the countertop, you need to use a caulking gun.

It prevents moisture from getting between the double bowl sink and the countertop.

Let’s check a short video on how do you install a double sink in your home.


How do you install a double sink? This article gave you the answer to this question and also provided a step-by-step process so that you can easily install your double bowl kitchen sink.

Follow all the steps carefully and install your double bowl sink.

Don’t make a mistake, because a single mistake can be a great loss for your kitchen sink.

Before installing your sink, make sure that you have understood all the steps properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Does My Sink Gurgle?

Your kitchen sink can be gurgle because of clogging. Some food, grease, and dirt can build up in the kitchen sink. Then the air trapped and slow draining water occurs.

When the air bubbles force through the blockage, then the gurgling sound is heard.

Why Does The Kitchen Sink Get Clogged?

Food, cooling grease, oil, and some other things are the cause of clogging.

If you do not observe the proper disposal of these things, it can create problems and your sink becomes clogged.

Why Is The Water Pressure Low Of A Kitchen Sink?

Water pressure can be low for so many reasons. It can happen because of clogging, breaking the waterline.

If these are not the reason for low water pressure then you need a licensed plumbers’ experience for identification and solving the problem.

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